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Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

KULMIYE Chairman Urges Togdher Community to Come Out and Take Voter Registration Cards

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“It was about 30 or 40 years ago, since I have been with President Silanyo….finally he chose to elect me as party’s presidential candidate, so youth should show tolerance..” said Mouse Bihi

Muuse Biixi oo faras la siiyay fuushan

Muuse Biixi oo faras la siiyay fuushan

Hargeisa (ANN) – KULMIYE’s candidate presidential German. Mouse Bihi Abdi – who is in amid of his delegation trip to country’s eastern regions Somaliland, as part of voter registration awareness campaign which is going to kick off in eastern part of the country today – has urged the people to come out and take the voter registration cards in order to get ready for the forthcoming elections (presidential and parliamentary) which is planned to take place in March 2017.
Kumanaan dadkii soo dhoweeyay wefdiga Guddoomiye Muuse Biixi Magaalada Burco

Kumanaan dadkii soo dhoweeyay wefdiga Guddoomiye Muuse Biixi Magaalada Burco

Kulmiye Chairman and party’s Presidential candidate accompanied by ministers, MP’s and KULMIYE party leadership – his Deputy Chairman Mohamed Kahin and the Secretary General KULMIYE Party, Hassan Seid– has showed his how he is happy for the unprecedented welcome made by thousands and thousands of crowds from his party supporters in Burao.
He similarly urged youth to join and become part of the country’s political multi-party system and take this system as a principle.

Mouse Bihi pointed out for the youth to take as an example or idols for Ali Mohamed Hassan, Abdikarin Hinif and Hersi Ali Hassan who has been KULMIYE members for a long period of time or since its inception, whom he said rejected to migrate from the country during the 2003 and 2010 election campaigns or before KULMIYE came to power.

“Youth should have to show patience. They should take Ali Marehan, Abdirkarim Hinif and Hersi as an example as they have been members of this part since its inception. They refused to choose of leaving or migrating from the country during the election campaigns or before we took over UDUB party as country’s ruling party. Now they became well-known and great politicians for they have shown tolerance,” Said Mouse Bihi Abdi.

He added that he followed the same approach as he noted that he has been following with President Ahmed Silanyo for about 30 to 40 years and that he now realized his dream after President Silanyo has finally chosen to elect him to represent for KULMIYE party in the next presidential contest which is planned to be held in 2017.

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