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Published On: Sun, Dec 13th, 2015

Organizers of the Somaliland Fisheries Expo Award Dahabshiil Group

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Fishery-Certificate0001-1Hargeisa(ANN)The organizers of the Somaliland fisheries and marine resources expo awarded Dahabshiil Group for its role in encouraging sector development through its investment programs.
The Republic of Somaliland Minister for Fisheries and Marine resources, H.E. Ali Jama Farah “Bureed”, stated that Dahabshiil Group has played a vital role in encouraging the sector to flourish by establishing an investment bureau at its DBI offices.
“Dahabshiil is certainly a friend to the productive sector, and, especially, to the cooperatives and companies involved in marine resources development as it has laid its investment portfolio open for eligible applicants in sector,” he said at the closing ceremony of the expo on Thursday.

His Excellency the Minister of State for Environment, Abdisalam Mohamed Hassan, also speaking at the occasion wished that Dahabshiil – as a company – got actively involved in sector by going out to the sea by establishing a fishing fleet of its own.

“The company is not currently involved in fishing and marine resources, but we wish Dahabshiil Group to consider it as, by doing so, it would certainly contribute much to its development,” he said.

ali-bureed-300x300Both ministers encouraged sector actors to quadruple their efforts in sector development initiatives and productivity

Prof. Hassan Heiss who, at the end of the ceremony received the award on Dahabshiil Group’s behalf, stated that Dahabshiil Group has already offered investment capital to companies that were currently involved in fishing, and that, through DBI, the Group will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
“DBI provides capital to established companies through its investment portfolio as it also provides opportunities to smaller vendors through its extensive MicroDahab microfinance program,” he said.

Dahabshiil Group has not only contributed to the sector through investment but has pledged to support expos such as this last three-day one at Guled Hotel, Hargeisa, when and where the need arose.

A delegation from neighboring Ethiopia attended the expo promising greater, closer cooperation between the two sides in providing bigger markets for fishery resources.

Moon Fishing Co., a subsidiary of Gamuur Fibreglass, and a beneficiary of the DBI sector investments spoke at the occasion promising that his and other peer companies will increase their productivity as they have been immensely encouraged by the public enthusiasm for their products at the expo.

Other speakers at the ceremony included Pontus Marine, Telesom, Somcable and Global Fishing.

The fisheries exhibition showed how Somalilanders welcomed and encouraged its marine and fishery resources as the expo resources ran out within two days of a planned three full days.

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