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Published On: Sat, Nov 21st, 2015

Somaliland: ‘In Memory of a Colleague and Friend’ – By Husein A. Noor

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May God rest his Soul in peace. By Husein Ali Noor

Ahmed Hassan Cawke was one of the beacons of Somali media, for more than half a century. He joined Radio Mogadishu in 1972 and has been in the media until he died on Tuesday in the town of Jijiga. Ahmed Hassan Cawke belonged to a decade (1965-1975) which should be called “The Golden Era” in Somali Media. It was in this decade that most of the famous radio journalists such as Sheikh Mohmoud Sh. Ahmed Dalmar, Ahmed Ali Askar, Yonis Ali Noor, Abdi Idiris Duale, Mohmoud Abdi li Du’ale, Weli Hagi Ali, Ali Sheilh Ahmed Arrale, Mohamed Aden Hersi (Terra), Aden Nuh Dule, Abdilkadir Mohamed Kastam, Abdilwahab of the English program and other veterans who joined the media. Ahmed was an extrovert, social and gregorious person. He was unique and different from the rest of his colleagues for he didn’t limit himself in one sector or segment of radio. He was a newscaster, commentator, took part in all kinds of programs. He was good in the presentation of light and serious as well as educational programs. He was a good presenter of live sports programs. Ahmed’s fame in all Somali territories begam with the 1977-1978 Ethio/Somalia war, when he released commentaries on the war and was enthusiastically listened to even beyond Somali territories. At no time in his career as a journalist did he relinquish his love for the microphone and the media; a love that he lived with even on the eve of his death. He was a decent person who hadn’t a single ounce of pride. He easily communicated and befriended people from every strata of life. Cawke , as he was known to everybody was well versed in Somali language and had the ability, resilience,flexibility to totally transform a dullprogram to a very exciting and interesting program. This was a unique feat that has been rare in the Somali media and that he will be remembered for. My colleague and friend Ahmed had a personality which helped him to easily adjust toany situation. He was humorous and one was never bored in his company. His description when he accompanied the Late President Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991from Kismayo and across the border to neighboring Kenya –using the WORDS K- will be remembered by those who listened from the report that was released from the BBC Somali Service. He was a light bearer when he pointed the first Somali Television, in Mogadishu, with Ahmed Ali Askar as director. After he left the BBC to join the VOA with his closest friend Abdisalam Hereri- many listeners were not happy, for they believed that VOA Somali Service would be temporary. Some listeners envisaged that this service was political oriented, for USA didn’t have any intention to open a Somali Program at VOA, as UK has no intention to start a program in Amharic(Ethiopian language). With new era of Somali Media Channels emerging, he and his friend joined almost all the important channels. In a joint venture they have left their impression on viewers. Cawke thus became more famous in TV which manifested a new aspect of his personality in media and increased his popularity. He became the role model for young journalists in the electronic media. May God rest his Soul in peace, Amiin

About the Author

- Arraale Mohamoud Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist Arraale, is a 20 year experience as a professional Journalist and human rights activist Over the years, worked for the major News Papers in Somaliland as a reporter, editor and contributor. 2008 established website Araweelo News Network, he currently runs a web site based in Somaliland. who is the specializes in the investigation and reporting on issues relating to human rights, democracy, and good governance. contact: Send an SMS or MMS to + 252 63 442 5380 WhatsApp + 252 63 4764409 + 252 65 910 7347.

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