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Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2016

Somaliland to be part of the Conifa World Cup Tournament in Abkhazia 2016.

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My name is Jama Olol,  I am the representative for Somaliland’s Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism, I am also the elected representative for Somaliland’s Football Federations in Europe. I am solely responsible for the development of Somaliland’s national team and the development of all sports teams within Europe. It has come to my grave attention that your organisation has approved for Somaliland to be part of the Conifa World Cup Tournament in Abkhazia 2016.  I explicitly and categorically state that the official Somaliland team and its management have no active involvement in this tournament. It is clearly evident that the team posing as the official Somaliland team that has been entered in your tournament is a complete sham, fraud and a facade. This is extremely concerning and very disturbing, as this scam team does not represent the country nor have the authority to represent Somaliland.  As part of my role, I am the only person who has the directive to enter the official Somaliland team in to competitions and manage the affairs and involvement of the official Somaliland team in tournaments. I can assure you that the team you have involved in your tournament is not the official Somaliland team.  I am aware of the great work that your organisation is doing and admire the ethos behind it. I appreciate that your work is important for countries that are not internationally recognised and understand the significance of organising events such as the upcoming tournament. However, I would have hoped that an organisation such as yourself would have taken the necessary steps to ensure the authenticity of the teams involved.  We would like to respectfully request the removal of Somaliland team from the tournament since the official Somaliland team are not taking part. The management, team and country as a whole have contributed a great deal to establishing a team, developing that team and gaining recognition through the correct channels. For that reason we can not allow certain people to undermine all that hard work by entering a team that no one is aware of and does not represent the country which they claim to.  Given your ethos and objectives I hope that you understand the impact it will have on our country and its efforts for recognition if you authorise the participation of a team who do not represent our country.  In order to ensure that the right course of action is taken we have sought legal advice regarding this issue. The Somaliland Ambassador in the UK and other official are aware of this matter and has given authority for me to pursue its prompt resolution. I hope that you will share my enthusiasm in settling this issue as soon as possible and that we can work together in future endeavours.  I look forward to your prompt response. 
Thank you If you have any queries or wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me on the details outlined below. 
Kind Regards  Mr Jama Olol

About the Author

- Arraale Mohamoud Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist Arraale, is a 20 year experience as a professional Journalist and human rights activist Over the years, worked for the major News Papers in Somaliland as a reporter, editor and contributor. 2008 established website Araweelo News Network, he currently runs a web site based in Somaliland. who is the specializes in the investigation and reporting on issues relating to human rights, democracy, and good governance. contact: Send an SMS or MMS to + 252 63 442 5380 WhatsApp + 252 63 4764409 + 252 65 910 7347.

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