Somaliland: International Research Warns against Risk for Health Bottled Water produced industries

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Hargeisa(ANN)-The international Research centre has warned of the health risks of bottled water produced by small-scale industries in Hargeisa and other cities across the country.

The research study on of more than a dozen companies that produce bottled water for sale in shops, have revealed how the water poses a threat to public health in Somaliland, according to an international study.

The subject of the study was presented in the form of water used for purification or filtration, and whether they complied with international water purification standards.

The sampling frame was all brands of bottled water available for end-users in supermarkets and shops along the main roads traversing Hargeisa city, the capital of Somaliland, according research report.

The results, of the Report presented in ScienceOpen are research published, and are titled, “Bottled Water from National Manufacturers in Somaliland: Water Quality and Health Implications.

Read the full research report here:

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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