Colin Powell, the leader of the Iraq war, has died

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The United States is saddened by the death of General Colin L. Powell, the leader of the Iraq War

Washington(ANN)-The United States is saddened by the death of General Colin L. Powell, the leader of the Iraq war. General Powell, he was one of the leaders of the United States who became the first Secretary of State for African Americans, has died at the age of 84.

The death of General Powell, who had a great history in the United States, was discussed by American politicians on both sides, who commented on their knowledge and memories.

Colin Powell’s death on Monday was said to have been caused by a coronavirus infection, and has been widely discussed by politicians, diplomats, military officials and former presidents.

General Powell, in addition to holding the position of Secretary of State, has returned as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Security Adviser and other positions, all of whom have been praised.



Well-educated politicians say confidence in Colin L. Powell has led to him being repeatedly encouraged to run for president, but he has not responded, according to the Washington post.

The politicians who spoke won his praise, but there was a popular slogan during the Iraq war that described Powell as a “black man who, despite his black appearance, had white skin on the inside.”


Read the Washington Post report on Colin Powell’s death here.


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