‘It will look nothing like our strike against Syria’ Former US Secretary of Defence

Washington(ANN)-Former US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has warned of the consequences of a military strike or a military action against Iran in the wake of Saturday’s attack on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on the development of events after accusing Iran of being behind the attack on Saudi Aramco factories in Abqaiq and Khurais, Panetta said: “As a minister, I have always been concerned over the possibility of launching a military campaign on Iran, as it will look nothing like our strike against Syria. Iran has the ability to use missiles to hit our forces, respond with targeting our bases and rapidly transform and escalate the war.”

Mr. Panetta called on the United States to be “cautious in deciding whether to choose the military option here. Our forces were not directly affected by this (the attack on Saudi Aramco facilities), and the US should be wary of being dragged into war by Saudi Arabia.”

He stressed, in an interview with CNN, that Washington needs to make its decision according to “our interests and national security; and this is what we must do here, not what others say and want  … Yes, we can coordinate and consult with Saudi Arabia and other countries; however, when it comes to military action, this kind of decision should be taken by the US alone and for the sake of our country only.”