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By Arraale M Jama
Date: Thursday 10th Nov 2015
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Magnificent
(Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim)
The party leadership, Executive committee, Members of Central committee of KULMIYE Party and all those distinguished guests who have assembled today here; Assalamu Alaykum.
Ladies and gentlemen,

First and foremost we are thankfully indebted to our Lord, Allah the Greatest who have bestowed upon us blessings of good tidings such that we have converged here in peace and good health for the 5th Assembly of the Central Committee Convention of KULMIYE party.

The Political Ideology I believe in:

From the moment I became interested in politics and ever since I initially had aspirations to forge ahead and excel in politics, my personal belief and deepest conviction was that the only means for the members of public to acquire capable leaders equipped with political insight and sense of social responsibility was through multi-party democracy system and through free and fair elections.

It is worth to herein recollect that when I was a minister in the former military regime (of Siad Barre) I was one of the very few of handful individuals who openly decried and revolted against the totalitarianism tendencies that was based on dictatorship. After a long onslaught in this line of positive critics, I became utterly convinced that I had no chance whatsoever to realize my political ideals as long as I am part and parcel of the dictatorial regime in one hand. On the other hand it dawned upon me that my efforts bore no fruits, given that at the same time the cries of the members of the public and their tribulations only became worse. As such I opted for rebellion with my ideological beliefs in my heart hence joined the struggle for change. By the blessing of God the dream came true and excelled.

I believe as a nation we have put in place the central pillars of the foundations of the change (to multi party system) such that leaders of our people are democratically elected. Thanks to Allah who have made it easier for us. Tribute goes to the martyrs and veteran leaders who strived selflessly for the aspirations hence painstakingly made the foundations of developments by rebuilding the nation and established democratic elections.

Summary of Kulmiye History:

In par with my above mentioned ideologies, with a handful of colleagues I founded KULMIYE as a political party on the 23rd of May 2012. KULMIYE was the youngest of the first seven pioneer political parties in the country. In the first ever held local government elections KULMIYE ultimately came second, thus becoming one of the only three official political parties in our country: UDUB, KULMIYE and UCID. The party stands for unity and progressively developing the Somaliland Nation.

Its objectives are mainly focused on the fortification of the foundations in the building of a nation with all the strappings of governance that is cherished by its citizens. KULMIYE party represents the hope and legitimate aspirations of Somaliland people for ever-lasting freedom, self-determination and independence within the free nations of the world. KULMIYE party emphasizes on the achievement of the major aspirations of the people, thus, international recognition. I trust that the nations’ flag will one day be hoisted atop the UN headquarters and international community of nations, by the will of God.

Ladies and gentlemen

Kulmiye which happens to be the ruling party today came along a long trek and had to overcome hurdles through perseverance, understanding, conciliations, consultations etc. Good political system has made the public mature politically and become effective. KULMIYE has always stood out in the country’s democratic system by constantly participating in all elections of the civic, parliamentary and presidential elections. History attests to the fact that KULMIYE has triumphed tangibly hence paved way for the prevalent governance.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to sincerely thank all the supporters (men and women) who have always been steadfast in the party’s support since its inception to date.

I’ll never forget the people for I’ll always be indebted to them. Likewise I profoundly thank the leaders of the party, the supreme, executive and central committees and the stalwarts, whose elder I am, who are my shields day and night. Verily, the party’s history will engrave their tribute in golden honour. For those who have passed away, May Allah rests their souls in eternal peace.

Power jostling and differences within the Party:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Creating a party that brings on its stage stalwarts with diverse aspirations and demeanours is a tough task. It is a delicate matter to manage and coerce alliances of unlike poles. To align sharply divergent opinions in any political outfit is a daunting task and persistent bottleneck problem. KULMIYE party has jumped over many a hurdle, some of them the toughest. Many times have critics assumed that the party would rock but only to bounce back stronger. Differences have been coming out in the open because of humanity behaviours and the democratic systems we are practicing. KULMIYE has made it a tradition to opt for conciliations in such times. Despite the fact that the power jostling in KULMIYE has been something concerning the party only, its national impact has been vivid. Although KULMIYE is the ruling party, I assume that it is because of its huge popularity that the many hullabaloos have been rife.

Allegations and Denunciation:

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a fact that the conflict that resulted because of differing opinions in the party’s convention for nominations has resulted to aspirant candidates to be absent today. I am personally unhappy of the action they took. One is indebted to mitigate in one’s defence. As such, I ascertain by clarifying to the KULMIYE central committee members and the Somaliland society at large that I deny the allegations levelled against me that I am partisan to a faction. Personally I have all the rights to support on individual, but I make it clear that I am completely non-partisan. For the second and third time I clarify that I do not support any side. I have not used executive powers in favour of any individual.

Ladies and gentlemen,

When discontents first reached me about the mode of the registration for the central committee I decided that the task should be undertaken jointly. They were two each from both opposing factions and Elder Ahmed Haji Ali Adami at the centre so that they would be contented. Thereafter I heard about their continued discontent through the media, without consulting with me. Apart from being in charge of both the opposition and the pro-government in the nation, I happen to be the Elder of the party who is its ombudsman. At the same time I called on all the warring parties for consultation. Unfortunately, for two consecutive nights, the beleaguered faction failed to honour the call. Out of the ombudsman-ship (honour) I undertook to name a second oversight committee of five. This committee had the members of the complaining party as a majority. They verified that apart from 10 replaced members, all the others were the correct and justified ones. They opted to rescind the replacements and I agreed with them. I never took the task alone. I tried several rapports by sending several eminent emissaries striving to unite the party. Lastly I appeal to those who have absented themselves to avail themselves and exercise their rights of candidature. Only one winner always emerges, regardless of omen. It is incumbent upon us to hail each other and hold our heads high.

Withdrawal as Party Candidate for re-election:

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is known to you that I have just ended my first term while the populace is still content with me having their support to the party still undiminished. As per the constitution I have rights to defend my seat and to seek for re-election. However, I made it officially clear here today to the KULMIYE Central Committee and the people of the Republic of Somaliland that I step down on my own decision hence I would not aspire as a candidate for the presidential elections to be held on the 27th of March 2017.
This is because:-
1. I have decided to give the chance to my political colleagues who have been in the struggle along with me.

2. Love for seat (presidential) has been the main difficulty befalling any leader and as such I have taken a different direction from previous Somaliland presidents so that it may be an example to be emulated by those in the future.

3. For me to culminate strives and struggles of my dreams humbly, I will have no partisan roll as the official political parties square it out.

Government Achievements and Kulmiye Party program:

It is a genuine and an indisputable fact that tangible developments and progresses have been achieved in my tenure as head of State. This change is at par with the policies tabulated and pledged in KULMIYE electoral programmes.

1) 120% increase in salaries of civil servants.

2) The annual budget and GNP has leaped by five times ($47m to $251million).

3) Established ranking system amongst arms of the public security serviceman.

4) It availed free basic education services.

5) Stepped up public health services.

6) Fledged the foreign policies.

7) Set up (established) the Somaliland Development Fun.

8) Disseminated and unveiled the national resources abundant in the country.

9) Stepped up investiture (foreign) and trust.

10) Allowed multiparty system.

11) Absorbed youth and women in the administration

12) Established roads and airports construction in the country

13) Rehabilitated and constructed government buildings

14) Established use of local SL currency all over the country

15) Secured territorial boundaries of the nation

16) Stepped up peace stability and public social services in the eastern parts of

the country

17) Established orphans welfare system and programs

18) Shown international community its steadfastness.

19) Fledge water resources and supplies countrywide and in the city(Hargeisa)

20) Established many important policies and ACTS

21) Stepped-up the standard of the media industry in the country and

established countrywide radio services.

Summary and Conclusion:

Ladies and gentlemen,

As I have stressed in different times and occasions, the things that unite us and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that divide us or create social disagreement. As a nation we share the same values, history and roots as we also cherish the same fate and future. Every objectives and aspirations that we have can only be achieved through unity and solidarity. These are the only virtues by which a society may prosper in. By thus, it is incumbent upon us all to cooperate and as a solid unit diligently defend our peaceful stability, independence and the nationhood of the Republic of Somaliland. Therefore, for exerting the obligations for the nation incumbent upon us, I appeal to you to unite and iron out differences, if any, through consultations and conciliation’s.

Thanks to ALLAH,
Long Live the Republic of Somaliland.
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