More than 500 Israeli armored vehicles have sustained damage in the Gaza Strip


Tel Aviv(ANN)-The Israeli army is suffering from the loss of morale in Gaza and has been warned about the war with Hezbollah More than 500 Israeli armored vehicles have sustained damage in the Gaza Strip since the conflict began in October, according to a report by the Maariv newspaper.

According to the Hebrew-language daily indicated that dozens of these vehicles have been completely decommissioned and removed from service.

To address the damage, the Israeli military has established two logistics centers within Gaza to repair the vehicles affected during clashes with Hamas. The fighting commenced after Hamas conducted a cross-border incursion on October 7. In nearly nine months of conflict, more than 37,000 Palestinians have been killed.

The troops responsible for transporting the damaged vehicles are reportedly experiencing physical and mental fatigue. The report cautioned that if these troops are called upon to occupy southern Lebanon, they would be in a compromised condition. Tensions along the Israel-Lebanon border have escalated recently, raising fears of a broader conflict with Hezbollah.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has significantly depleted Israeli military resources, consuming far more weapons than anticipated. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other government officials receive weekly updates on the status of military stockpiles to manage the situation.

Meanwhile the former head of the CIA agency in the United States, Larry Johnson, has openly expressed his fear that the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu will not be able to face the war against Hezbollah, which is the most powerful military group in the region.


The former head of the US Intelligence, who often comments on the current wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, gave an example of what happened to the most powerful German forces in Europe, before they gave up, and comparing them to the Israeli forces, he said, ” FamilyThe people of Israel woke up to a situation similar to that of the powerful German army “Wehrmacht” in the Second World War in Europe, when the German soldiers realized that they had become monsters, killing children, infants, young women, and women. The big ones looked liketheir caused them a lot of mental damage and made them ineffective. That is what is happening to the IDF.” he said.

larry johnson said that at this time the Israeli forces of the IDF are not able to engage in another war, having gone the way that the German forces have broken, and also engage in a war with Hizbollah which is more powerful than Hamas and Jihad, so he said that within Israel there is”The Israeli IDF is tired. Netanyahu is afraid to fight Hezbollah,” he said.

Written by Arraale M. Jama, a freelance journalist and human rights activist.

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