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Hargeisa (ANN) -The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, has called the United Nationstwo hypocrites” who lie about the situation in Somaliland.

Speaking on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of Martyrs’ Day, President Bihi spoke about the situation in the Sool region of Las Anod, which his government recently expelled from hundreds of families who had lived there for years. Who were deported to their country of origin in Somalia.


President Bihi wondered why this particular office has so judiciously absented itself from the area and in the provision of any meaningful humanitarian intervention benefiting the people it was now championing for the past 30 years or so.

“Not even one day did this office offer a single water truck or a unit of bottled water, a piece of anti-malarial quinine or a plastic shelter sheet for the past thirty years,” he said, asking “where were they during these long years? Why the sudden appearance and the crocodile tears?”.

The President expressed surprise that if OCHA recognized these people as refugees they would not resettle, feed or provide any kind of assistance directly, indirectly, or otherwise, during their thirty years in Somaliland. .

“This shows the United Nation’s duplicity and insincerity of approach.  To milch oil-rich countries such as those in the Gulf of Dollars, it wrongly showcases people like those sent out of Las Anod,” the President stated.

President Bihi also addressed Somalia elements and federal states who used the eviction as propaganda fodder, exaggerating facts and making up others to replenish their all-out onslaught against the Republic of Somalia.

“I am saying to those other elements in Somalia blowing the Las Anod security measure out of proportion that not a single person from the Southwest federal state of Somalia (Baidoa) or from any other state in Somalia has been harmed or killed in Somalia for these past 30 years. Not a year passes without these people losing their lives in Bossassa and elsewhere in Puntland. As for Mogadishu, people’s blood has long been part of the commodity openly traded there. Other cities and other places have equally taken their toll of the displaced. Not was ever the case so in Somaliland,” he added.

OCHA has, since Somaliland evicted Somalia-born members of a community resident in Las Anod for over two to three decades, made statements that echoed the Somalia barrage of the event.

Somaliland, following up on a decision the regional security authorities reached to narrow down security threats that have thus far claimed over 185 people, packed these families home, safely escorting them to the border with Somalia.

OCHA neither acknowledged the security threat addressed nor showed impartiality in its statements.

“Humanitarian partners and authorities in Puntland are anticipating new displacements from parts of Somaliland especially in Sanaag after Somaliland authorities in Sanaag issued a statement on the 6 October calling for people from other parts of Somalia to leave Ceerigaabo town and surrounding villages within 15 days (by 21 October). Despite calls for a stay or extension of the deadline (particularly those from South West State), the Somaliland government has not responded yet,” OCHA said in a situation overview on its page on 11 October.

The report kept quoting and referring to sources and ‘efforts’ of the Puntland federal state of Somalia – one of the most vociferous detractors of Somaliland not only in this occasion but as a matter of principle.

“Authorities and humanitarian partners have scaled up their response efforts. Between 9 and 10 October, Puntland authorities in collaboration with South West State authorities facilitated air transport for 275 people from Gaalkacyo to Baidoa. On 5 October, Puntland authorities provided road transport to 636 people destined for Hirshabelle, South West State and Banadir. So far, 911 people from Laas Caanood have left Gaalkacyo. Some 56 Ethiopian nationals have requested to be repatriated. Some of the forcibly displaced people have reportedly reached Mogadishu and Belet Weyne using their own means,” the same report continued to state.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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