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DahabshilerigavoErigavo(ANN)Dahabshiil money transfer office in Erigavo, Sanaag region, establishes a new record in that city by providing orphans at its boarding school a sum of money that puts them at par with other children provided for by parents for Eid el Fitr festivities.

Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed, Orphanage Center Director, said, “Dahabshiil sets a positive example that can be emulated and replicated by other business firms in the city and the region”.
The Director pointed out that no other company has taken such a step before in the history of the center’s existence.
“Dahabshiil Group is more than rewarded by the smiles on the children’s faces,” Abdirahman Mohamed Essa, Dahabshiil’s Erigavo office Director said.
The Mayor, Ismail Haj Nur called not only businesses entities but all members of the society to open their hearts and minds for the orphans in order to keep their welfare uppermost in their thinking.
Other prominent members of the society, religious leaders, and business people all commended Dahabshiil Group for the initiative, hoping that the gesture would become a tradition with them all.

The Erigavo orphanage center presently cares for about fifty orphans. The East Africa Charity organization oversees center welfare but cannot cover all of its needs.
Dahabshiil is uncontestably at the forefront of Somali-owned companies in giving back to society by courtesy of its inbuilt strategy to contribute to as much socially beneficial programs as possible in, chiefly, Somali-inhabited areas to reflect its corporate social responsibility spirit.