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Telesom Dahabshiil
Published On: Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

London:Tower Hamlets City Council Today To Endorse the Recognition of Somaliland

Tower Hamlets.By.Mahamad Abdi Duale
London(ANN)Somaliland communities have lived in the Borough of Tower Hamlet since the turn of the country, the community played a huge part in the life of the borough.
tower hamlets city council today endorsed Somaliland Recognition
The first Somalilanders community was open in the borough 1907 in Bethnal-Green.
The Somaliland community that lived in the borough are asking Tower-Hamlet Council in its civic role as part of its duties under the Equalities Act and as gesture of friendship to Tower-Hamlet community to recognise and endorse the recognition of the Republic of Somaliland,which has now operated peacefully with democratic elections for nearly 25 years as an independent republic.

that news Confirmed in Somaliland nation news Mr.Farah Egal one of Somalilanders to Work in that Historic Way Mr.Farah he said
“Today We Ready To see In that Historic decision To The Tower Hamlets Council To endorsed The Recognition of Rep of Somaliland ,That reality is much closer to the dwellers of such hope, today to the tireless campaign put together by one of own councillor Amina Ahmed and the local activists, we’ll have that motion put to the vote in Today and with much campaign and lobbying, it’s sitting pretty and pretty much in the bag.”Said Mr.Farah Egal
Yesterday Somaliland Community in Uk welcomed to Heathrow the Somaliland Government delegate that arrived from the capital of nation ‘Hargeisa’ to formally witness the occasion.
The Delegation Led by Somaliland Minister of Mineral resource and energy Hon.Hussein abdi Duale adn the vice minister of foreign ministry Hon.Ahmed Keyse.
Somaliland Government Delegation To welcomed in Heathrow airport

Tower Hamlets is the third local authority in the UK to recognise the Republic of Somaliland, after a decision by Councils in Sheffield and Cardiff.
Before This Decision The Tower hamlets Mayor John Biggs He Promised When He Elected Firstly He Recognised To Republic Of Somaliland Mr.Biggs His Campaign time he said
“Just like Sheffield, this is a victory for every Somalilander, but this is an example that shows how small Campaign, by small number of people, can make a positive difference to our search for nationhood”.
Mr,Biggs He Added
As a member of the Labour party, I would like to share all Somalilanders that the Labour Party administration in Tower Hamlets is ready to follow suit of the positive Sheffield city council example and recognize Somaliland.” Said Mayor John Biggs In that Mid of his Campaign In Mayoral Seat That to Meets Somaliland Community in Tower hamlets and members of Labour party in Tower hamlet.
That result of Mr.Biggs Call came in numerous meetings between Somalilander members of Labour Party in Tower Hamlets who lobbied for the recognition of Somaliland, and the Labour party’s candidate mayor.John Biggs who finally confirmed that any future Labour administration led by him, will take a leading role in recognizing Somaliland.
the Tower Hamlets Labour has the biggest share of elected councilors from the last local elections and they also have the two elected member of UK parliaments, moreover their mayoral candidate is expected to win the mayoral election set to take place by end of
Labour party is therefore best placed to deliver this pledge on Somaliland recognition.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London borough to the east of the City of London and north of the River Thames. It is in the eastern part of London and covers much of the traditional East End.
It also includes much of the redeveloped Docklands region of London, including West India Docks and Canary Wharf. Many of the tallest buildings in London occupy the centre of the Isle of Dogs in the south of the borough.
A part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is in Tower Hamlets.
The borough has a population of 272,890,which includes one of the highest ethnic minority populations in the capital and has an established British Bangladeshis business and residential community. Brick Lane’s restaurants, neighbouring street market and shops provide the largest range of Bengali cuisine, woodwork, carpets and clothes in Europe.
The local authority is Tower Hamlets London Borough Council.
source: Somaliland nation news(
Somaliland Office
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