“The high intellectual and the translator, the most important and noble man died, without introductions.” Written by: Dr. Mohamed Abdulwahab Al Shaibani

In the noise of the seventies was formed within the left, and was a witness to the social and cultural transformations in the city that I love and resided under his brown skin, and was saying with a distinctive laugh that he is Somali but the conclusion of the cosmopolitan city in which mixed ethnicity and religions (Somali, Indian and Arab) and (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Baha’i and pagan).

Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) It was very close to the Dr. Omar al-Jawi, Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Dr. Jaafar al – Zafari, Abdullah Mehairz,  Ahmed Qasim Dammaj, Abdul – Bari Taher and Hassan Abdul Warith and all the flags of Yemen.

He was entrusted with the correction of the wisdom magazine during the presidency of the Dr. Omar al-Jawi and later became one of the pillars of the newspaper assembly in the first issue in the early nineties, was saying by Mr. Ahmed Qasim Dammaj We learn the language and love of geography from this Somali.

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When the second part of David Smiley’s book (Mission in Arabia) “Mission in the Arabian Peninsula” (  مهمة في الجزيرة العربية )on Yemen in the 1980s was translated, he provided an eloquent lesson for translators in ijtihad, conceptual discipline and contexts of parallel linguistic construction.

He has published 88 issues of the magazine in the year, translated 88 books on English named (Castro and religion), a series of dialogues, lectures and articles of the Cuban leader on religion.

Fidel Castro and Religion: Conversations with Fray Beto, translated by Hamed Jama

A third book, “The Last Site,” is a translation of the memoirs of an officer and an English politician about his last years in Aden.

He maintains more than five manuscripts of translated books, articles, studies and reflections that many of his friends were preparing to approach.

the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jama Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)
the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jama Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)

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He did not marry and was saying that he married books, reading and delicious loitering, lived a rich life in the love of people and discovers the world lying in the stomachs of books and the conduct of flying high in strange and surprising.