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Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2018

We call on Somalia to make complaints to the UN & AU which respects the internationally recognized borders’ President Muse Behi

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Madaxweyne Muuse Biixi iyo Madaxweynihi saddexaad ee Somaliland Daahir Rayaale Kaahin

Former President Dahir Rayale ‘Somaliland can achieve its
goals and aspirations through unity for which i have strived hard’

Hargeisa (ANN) – President Muse Behi Abdi speaking at a
special banquet to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the reclamation
of independence of the Republic of Somaliland commended Somaliland security forces whom he described as heroes and valiant in defending the country against aggressors from Somalia.

He said, ‘Those who died and lost their lives are martyrs, and those
who are alive are heroes who will be remembered.’

On Eel-Afwayn clashes the President said, ‘Satan have succeeded in
influencing the two sides in their armed clashes. We call on everybody to contribute and help than to come their senses and bring to conclusion the uncalled for bloodshed. We call for peace, development and self-determination. At the same time, we won’t hesitate to enforce stability in the country.’

The President remained the aggressors and those behind them that the Republic of Somalilnad has not made the internationally recognized border which was made during the colonial era. We call on Somalia to make complaints to the United Nations and the African Union which respects the internationally recognized borders. We aspire to reach our border and to live in peace with Somalia.

The President remained or concerned that our army will remainwhere
they are and will defend their country from any aggression.

Speaking about the storm, he prays that God might save us from any
harm and informed the people that the storms expected to hit Berbera tonight (Last night). He remained the people to be on alert and avoid water ways, valleys, and rivers.

Former President Dahir Rayale Congratulates the People on the
Reclamation day and prayed for their success and promotion.
He said, ‘Somaliland can achieve its goals and aspirations through
unity for which i have strived hard and which i believe that the
incumbent president will do.’

Speaking about the Eel-afwayn clashes, he emphasized that their
conflict has no meaning nor cause for which they are fighting and akin and relatives to stop the shedding of blood.

Chairman of House of Elders Sulieman Mohamed Aden congratulated the people on their national day celebrations saying, ‘with your cooperation we become what we are today. And with your cooperation we will have better future.’

As for the conflict in Eel-afwayn, he said, ’The only benefit if any
in a clash between people who are closely tied and related is only
bloodshed. For the sake of us and the people of Somaliland please help us by stopping the blood that were shading.’

The Chairman added that mobilization for war has been continuously
been propagated by Puntland regional authorities for the last few
days, he said, ‘We don’t war but we remain those war mongers that we can defend our country from any outside aggression.’

Prof. Ali Khalif Galaydh who took part in the 1993 second Somaliland
communities conference in Borama said, ‘I have taken part in that
conference and since then i have made many different choices, but
realized that last there is no other place better for me and my
community than country, the Republic of Somaliland.’


Source:The Republican

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