• The Houthis have upped their attacks over the past 10 days both in terms of numbers and sophistication.

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    Houthi strikes continue to terrorise merchant shipping


Yemen (ANN)-The Houthis continue to terrorise merchant ships heading in and out of the Red Sea, while also claiming strikes at ships moored at Israel’s Haifa port, .and damaged ship.and damaged the israel”s ship in the Haifa Port located Mediterranean sea.

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The Houthis claimed to have struck the Transworld Navigator bulk carrier twice in the space of 24 hours today in the Red Sea, using drones. the Transworld Navigator, and the ship was seen burning.

although some western media are reporting that due to the damage and destruction caused to the ship, a number of workers were injured in the attacks.

In the same way that the Houthis attacked the Indian Ocean, the production ship Stolt Sequoia was hit by a number of missiles yesterday, and the photos released show that there was damage and a fire on the ship.

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The Houthis also claimed carrying out a joint military operation with an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia, known as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, to target four vessels in Israel’s Haifa port on Saturday, although there has been no confirmation of damage this from the Israeli side.

The Houthis have upped their attacks over the past 10 days both in terms of numbers and sophistication.

Fourteen of the world’s largest shipping associations issued a release last week, asking for help from states with influence in the region.

“This is an unacceptable situation, and these attacks must stop now,” the release stated, adding: “We call for States with influence in the region to safeguard our innocent seafarers and for the swift de-escalation of the situation in the Red Sea.”

Many shipping analysts in recent weeks – including from Jefferies, Cleaves and Bank of America – have predicted the ongoing Red Sea shipping crisis will continue into the first half of next year. If nothing is done about the war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, while the Houthis and other parties in the attacks against the interests of the West in the region want the international community to stop the support they gave to the massacre, genocide and destruction, that a
Israel has on the Palestinian people and Israel’s war in Gaza, with the support of the United States.Britain, France and others.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.