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Araweelo News Network is Online  News Agency  established and operated by Somali journalist  Arraale  M.  Jaama, who has dedicated himself towards informing Somaliland and Horn of African citizens in the current affairs of the wider horn of Africa.

Araweelo News Network, is a free and impartial News Network intended for Somaliland citizens and also Somali speakers in the Diaspora and the Horn of Africa and the world at large as well as other interested individuals and organizations for Human Rights and social political rights and the promotion of freedom of expression . It is designed to provide reliable up to date news reports, analysis on current issues in political, social, cultural fields and Somaliland’s Elections and Democracy, which Araweelo News Network, has covered in an impartial capacity.


We challenge governments and other authorities to abide by the Universal declaration of human rights and respect international human rights law. social, political rights and the promotion of freedom of expression


Inform citizens of their constitutional rights;
Arrange support for victims of human rights violations;

Disseminate incidents of local human rights violations to international audiences.

Chief Editor Arraale  M. Jaama  Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist