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Donald Trump reversed the November election, when he nominated David Vance as Vice President

#Araweelo_News_Network. Washington (ANN)-Donald Trump selected J.D. Vance, a Republican US senator from Ohio, as his running mate on Monday, elevating a politician who once criticized the former president in acid terms but has since become one of his most stalwart

Israel: Eilat Port, Houthi attacks cause gates to be closed

The Port of Eilat’s request for financial assistance from the Israeli Government #Araweelo_News_Network.   London(ANN)-The economic effects of the Houthi strikes against Red Sea shipping became evident with the Port of Eilat’s request for financial assistance from the Israeli government

Dubai: More than 40 jailed for life in UAE for linked a ‘terror’ offences

#Araweelo_News_Network: Dubai (ANN)- The United Arab Emirates government has arrested around eighty people whose arrests have been widely condemned by local regional human rights and international human rights organizations. accoding to report a published HRW, A Court in the United

Iran Talks BRICS Payment Linkage System

Iran FM, What He say, about the conflict between Iran and Russia? #Araweelo News Network:   Tehran(ANN)-TThe government of Islamic of Republic oaf Iran spoke about the BRICS currency system, accoding to report as published by Bitcoim News, the Minister

Djibouti: IGAD met with the leader of SSC Khatumo and discusses with Somaliland prisoners

   #Araweelo News Network:     Djibouti (ANN)- The leader of Las Anod administration of SSC, Khatumo Abduqadir Firdhiye, who is visiting Djibouti, after receiving an invitation from the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh. met the leaders of IGAD.

Ten African countries with the highest remittance received in 2023 – World Bank 

  #Araweelo News Network:   Wahsington (ANN)-In 2023, the top ten recipient countries of remittances in Africa received $72.5 billion. There was a slightly fair representation of the different regions in Africa among the top ten, but the list is

Israeli military faces heavy losses of armored in Gaza

More than 500 Israeli armored vehicles have sustained damage in the Gaza Strip #Araweelo_News_Network. Tel Aviv(ANN)-The Israeli army is suffering from the loss of morale in Gaza and has been warned about the war with Hezbollah More than 500 Israeli

Ethiopian PM Abiy told the parliament there was a coup attempt

“There was a coup in Ethiopia 50 years ago… now it will never succeed. Never. my advice for my elders and fathers is not to waste time. Do not crowd the guest house. Do not waste money from our friendly

“Australia should recognise Somaliland” The strategist Policy Institute for Australia

  “Recognising Somaliland would be in Australia’s interest”Australia Strategic Plocy Institute ISPI   #Araweelo_News_Network: Australia should recognise Somaliland, a territory that is claimed by Somalia but has asserted its independence since 1991. No country recognises Somaliland as independent, but if

Somalia-Ethiopia have signed a joint declaration Ankara

Somalia-Ethiopia have signed a joint declaration Ankara #Araweelo_News_Network. Ankara(ANN)-Somalia and Ethiopia have signed a joint declaration in Ankara. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, say Somalia anad Ethiopia showing their mutual willingness to resolve outstanding issues. The Minister of Foreign Affairs,

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