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Ukraine request US F-16 jets, angering Germany, and Russia increases the strikes

#Araweelo_News_Network. Kyiv (ANN)-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy renewed his request for access to US-made F-16 fighter jets. His request came less than a week after he confirmed heavy tanks were supported by Western countries, although they have not yet complied with

#US Briefing on Over the #Horizon #Operations in #Somalia

Commencing a Yearly Interim National Defense Strategy #Araweelo _News_Network.   Washington (ANN)- According to a Document issued after signing the NDAA, Biden said the act “provides important benefits and enhances access to justice for military personnel and their families, and

Japan calls on Israel to collaborate on Palestine’s statehood. While Saudi Arabia is eager for an agreement with the Jews

#Araweelo News Network. Tokyo (ANN)- The government of Japan has expressed concern about Israel’s actions towards the Palestinians, which have become one-sided, and what has recently happened in the Palestinian territories, so the government of Tokyo, Japan, on Friday asked

Extremist and anti-Somaliland groups were behind the calls for planned killings and fueling the conflict that inspired the Las-anod protests ” Statement

#Araweelo News Network.   Extremist and anti-Somaliland groups were behind the calls for planned killings and inciting violence that resulted from the Las-anood protests, a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland. January 18th, 2023TO: European Union

Somaliland has responded angrily to the #statement from the American Embassy.

#Araweelo News Network. Hargeisa(ANN)- The government of the Republic of Somaliland has responded angrily to the statement from the American Embassy in Mogadishu, which is an insult to the existence and cause of Somaliland’s independence.   The American Ambassador to

Ukraine: Britain and Poland have confirmed that they will send heavy weapons to Kyiv

#Araweelo News Network. Warsaw (ANN)-Polish President Andrzej Duda said that his country is ready to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, responding to Kyiv’s request. The Polish government will need permission from Berlin to send German-made tanks to Ukraine, as their

Somaliland is putting the ancient Perfume trade in Frankincense and Myrrh at Risk

The Bible refers to how these animals carried the gifts to Bethlehem where it is believed that Jesus was born #Araweelo News Network. “London(ANN)-The gold, frankincense and myrrh that the three wise men brought to Jesus as a child must

Somaliland is Located in a Strategic Location, Both Geographically and Politically, Of Great Importance to The Region and the World

Araweelo News Network.   Hargeisa(ANN)-Somaliland is strategically and geographically located, and it is vital to the region and the world in terms of military, economic, trade, and security. It is a strategic area; it borders the Gulf of Aden and

US President Biden has #signed the NDAA law considering a wide cooperation between Somaliland and the USA

Araweelo News Neteork. Washington(ANN)-President Joe Biden has signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which is a high-cost defense bill for Ukraine, Somaliland and Taiwan, by canceling the order to inoculate the US military against Covid-19. Related: REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND Country

Paris: In France, which revived racism, three immigrants were killed

Araweelo News Network. Paris: In France, which revived racism, three immigrants were killed   Paris (ANN)-Riots have overshadowed Paris after a shooting in the city center on Friday that killed at least three migrants and wounded several others, according to

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