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The Palestinian president rejected the plan of the United States to stop the voting of the UN for the Palestinian member

Read it in less three minutes #Araweelo_News_Network. Washington (ANN)-The president of Palestine rejected the requests of the United States to stop the vote at the United Nations, with Biden reporting that there is a law that the United States refuses

Security Council to vote Friday on Palestinian UN membership

  #Araweelo_News_Network:  Read it in less than two minute.   New York (ANN)-The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to vote Friday on a Palestinian request for full UN membership, said diplomats, a move that Israel ally the United States

Peace hopes for Yemen must not become collateral damage of other regional conflicts, UN envoy says

Read it in less than three minutes. #Araweelo_News_Network:  New York (ANN0-The UN’s special envoy for Yemen on Monday said that while it is clear that the war in the country has connections to other conflicts in

The United States Admits Iran’s Bombing Destroyed Israel’s Military Bases

Read it in less than three minutes The role of the United States and the European Union in defending Iran’s attack on Israel The Intercept admits that Iran’s missiles hit Israeli military Bases #Araweelo News Network:       Washington

The BRICS alliance is calling on the Middle East to cut off the US Dollar

>Read it in less than one minute #Araweelo_News_Network. Middle East (ANN)-The situation is still complicated, with increasing threats of war and the conflict between Iran and Israel, BRICS has called for the Middle East to cut off the US dollar

Any new adventure against Iran’s interests will be met with a firm and regrettable response”,President Raisi

  “Should the Zionist regime or its supporters display reckless behavior, they will face an even more resolute reaction.”   #Araweelo_News_Network Tehran, (ANN)– Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says the warriors of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) taught the Zionist

Biden says Iran Don’t do it. When Washington’s Diplomatic efforts to stop Iran’s Attack have failed

  Western countries and others have warned their citizens to travel to the Middle East for fear of attacks expected from Iran #Araweelo_News_Network.   Washington (ANN)-President Biden on Friday said an attack from Iran against Israel could happen sooner rather

A Vietnamese billionaire is facing a tragic death after being found in one of the biggest scams in history

“I am so angry that I was stupid enough to get involved in this very fierce business environment, the banking sector  which I have little knowledge of.”She said, according to Vietnam state media. The campaign has seen two presidents and

Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei says Israel ‘must be punished’ for Syria embass

  #Araweelo_News_Network   Tehran(ANN)-Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that Israel “must be punished and it shall be” for attacking the Iranian embassy compound in Syria, according to Iranian Media. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said this in his

Somaliland sent Aid to Gaza

  #Araweelo_News_Network Qaza (ANN)-The head of the Organization of Palestinian Islamic Scholars Abroad, Dr. Nawaf Takruri: thanked the Government of the Republic of Somaliland and its people for the support shown to the people of Gaza in the Defense of

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