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Dr. Ruben, an American expert who warned of the Dangers of extending the term of the Somaliland

“The politicians saw advantage in such maneuvering, but it was highly irresponsible to play in such a way with Somaliland’s image” Dr. Michael Rubin Araweelo News Network. Washington (ANN)-Dr. Michael Rubin, head of the American Enterprise Institute, warned of the

US Allies are struggling with the problems caused by the war in Ukraine

The situation seems to be still in the upper hands of Vladimir Putin Araweelo News Network. Kyiv(ANN)-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he called once more for further weapons deliveries from Germany in a phone call with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on

Lavrov expressed great confidence in the front of the General Assembly And defended his country’s plans for Ukraine

Araweelo News Network New York(ANN)-The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia has expressed great confidence in the General Assembly, and he has strongly defended the purpose of his country in the operations it is conducting in Ukraine, which has been

Somaliland: no political agreements regarding election, and the conflict is increasing

“There are no political agreements between the stakeholders of the election, to overcome it challenges and disputes” Araweelo News Network. Hargeisa(ANN)-“There are no political agreements between the election stakeholders, overcoming the current election challenges and disputes. All mediation efforts, between

Minnesota: Over than 40 Somalis have been accused of their involvement in the theft of $250 million in misappropriated funds

“U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said authorities have seized $50 million worth of property from a group of people charged in what he called “the ultimate get rich quick scheme.” Araweelo News Network. Minnesota (ANN)- Over forty Somalis stand accused of

“No one can’t harm the cause of Somaliland either by words or actions” by Somaliland President

The reaction to the statements of the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Burco The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, described the statement made by the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, as

 Somaliland: Opposition Threatens Impeachment for President

Araweelo News Network. Hargeisa(ANN)-Somaliland Opposition Threatens Impeachment for president, The protest today is not going to offices, but to the Presidency, and the protest is going to be held where the bower is. said Somaliland opposition parties. The two opposition

Hadraawi: The Somali poet whose reading is like a rock concert

Araweelo News Network. Hargeisa(ANN-Hadraawi: The Somali poet whose reading is like a rock concert, was headlined in a report written by Mary Harper. Africa editor, BBC World Service News. The report published in BBC World Service News, talked about the

The IAEA has expressed concern about a nuclear facility seized by Russia

Araweelo News Network. New York(ANN)-The United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has called on Russia and Ukraine to establish a safe zone free from bombings, which aims to avoid the risk of nuclear weapons damage around them. Nuclear Power

Kenya: Supreme Court #confirms William #Ruto’s victory against Raila #Odinga

Araweelo News Network. Odinga reacted to the decision of the Supreme Court Nairobi (ANN)-The Supreme Court of Kenya has ruled on the disputed election results, confirming that William Ruto, was duly elected as the President of Kenya in the last

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