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LasAnod: The tribal style of organized war has become gunpowder, which easily destroys peace in the Horn region and even East Africa

#Araweelo_News_Network. Las Anod(ANN)-The government of the Republic of Somaliland has spoken about an attack, as it said on Sunday morning, on the siege of the Somaliland National Army base on the outskirts of the town of Las Anod. A press

Kenya economic crisis

Thousands of Kenyans have cried foul about the financial crisis #Araweelo_News_Network. Hempstone Monari’s taxi business had just been launched when his future slipped away and a Kenyan bank auctioned off his car for non-payment of a $9,900 loan. “They took

Somaliland: House of Representatives Committee to Investigate Solutions to Las Anod War Proposes to Constitution amendment

  #Araweelo_News_Network Hargeisa(ANN)-A committee that the Somaliland representative council recently put into the situation of the LasAnod war and the issues of the political conflict in Somaliland’s delayed elections, in which the opposition parties and the government are in dispute,

Congratulations to our patriotic citizens in the UK: Statement Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs

#Araweelo_News_Network Hargeisa(ANN)-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland has greatly praised the massive demonstration of Somaliland expatriates living in the UK at Westminster in the British House of Parliament in London. The statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

UK: Waves of the Somaliland diaspora in Britain gathered at the Westminster headquarters in London

#Araweelo_News_Network.   London(ANN)-Waves of the Somaliland diaspora in Britain gathered at the Westminster headquarters in London to protest in support of the recognition of Somaliland. The Somaliland diaspora who were protesting carried the flag of Somaliland, and like the waves,

LasAnod: Somaliland Military Force Revealed The Officers Who Led The Militants That Attacked Them

#Araweelo_News_Network. Las Anod(ANN)- The government of the Republic of Somaliland has given details of the fight that took place this morning in the city of LasAnod, which caused the Somaliland National Army to seize the officers leading the militia as

Djibouti: President Omar Gellleh Congratulated the President of China

#Araweelo_News_Network.   #Djibouti (ANN)-President of the Republic of Djibouti, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh, in a congratulatory message, wished “success and success” to Xi Jinping, re-elected to the Chinese Supreme Judiciary yesterday. “The absolute confidence that you inspire in your

China succeeded in restoring diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia

#Araweelo_News_Network. China succeeded in restoring diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia   Beijing(ANN)- China has managed to bring closer the relationship between the two countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia, after a diplomatic effort that took time. China, Saudi Arabia

There is a goal for Mustafa Yusuf Ismail. He campaigns in Germany on behalf of Somaliland to gain international recognition

  A report on how Somaliland would get recognition was published in the German Media   #Araweelo_News_network.     Hannover (ANN)-The representative of Somaliland in Germany, Musata Yusuf Ismail, is engaged in a campaign to get his country recognized by

DPWorld and the Government of Somaliland have opened a New Economic zone in the Horn of Africa

#Araweelo_News_Network. Berbera(ANN)-DP World,  which manages Berbera international ports, and the government of Somaliland have cut the cord on the new duty-free zone, which is expected to contribute to the economy of the Republic of Somaliland. implement the site and become

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