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Israel could gain from recognizing Somaliland as an Independent State

Recognizing Somaliland would provide Israel with a strategic ally in the Horn of Africa, enhancing its national security and geopolitical position in the region.The Times Of Israel #Araweelo_News_Network   In recent years, the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and

Egyptian billionaire Has to made Renaissance Dam Deal with Ethiopia?

    #Araweelo_News_Network. Addis Ababa (ANN) A photograph of Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed together has been circulate by the media, amid claims that the two have agreed a deal regarding Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia; In-depth: Underlying proliferation of armed conflicts and worsening security crisis

#Araweelo_News_Network. Ethiopia’s security crisis requires a comprehensive approach to addressing historical grievances, marginalization, and power distribution as conflicts stem from political, economic, and social grievances among various groups.” Ethiopian Experts state Analysis  Ploiticals   Writen By Abdi Biyenssa @ABiyenssa  

Ethiopia: Abiy Oo Si Lama Filaan Ah U Booqday Taliyaha Ciidamada Sudan Ee Xeebta Badda Cas

 #Araweelo News Network:   Addis Ababa (ANN) Ra’isal wasaaraha dalka Ethiopia Abiy Axmed ayaa si lama filaan ah booqasho aan hore loo shaacin ku tegey dalka Suudaan, isagoo la kulmay  taliyaha guud ee ciidamada dalka Sudan General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan

Djibouti: IGAD met with the leader of SSC Khatumo and discusses with Somaliland prisoners

   #Araweelo News Network:     Djibouti (ANN)- The leader of Las Anod administration of SSC, Khatumo Abduqadir Firdhiye, who is visiting Djibouti, after receiving an invitation from the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh. met the leaders of IGAD.

“Australia should recognise Somaliland” The strategist Policy Institute for Australia

  “Recognising Somaliland would be in Australia’s interest”Australia Strategic Plocy Institute ISPI   #Araweelo_News_Network: Australia should recognise Somaliland, a territory that is claimed by Somalia but has asserted its independence since 1991. No country recognises Somaliland as independent, but if

Ethiopia, South Sudan to build cross-border road

#Araweelo_News_Network   Addis Ababa (ANN )- Ethiopia and South Sudan are set to build a 220-km cross-border road, following a $738-million financial agreement signed in May 2023. South Sudan’s Transitional National Legislative Assembly on Tuesday ratified the Ethiopia-South Sudan financial

Somalia Qorshaha Gollaha Ammaanka Ee Qamada Midoobay Iyo Arrimaha Ku Gedaaman

Maxaa Laga Filayaa Warbixinta Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Ee Qarsoon James Swan Kulanka Gollaha Amaanka? New York (ANN]- Gollaha Ammaanka ee Qaramada Midoobay ayaa kulan loo balamay ka yeelanaya maalinta Isniinta 24 Jun 2024. xaaladda Soomaaliya Shirka ayaa ka dhacaya xarinta Qaramada

Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) arrest Ethiopian Female Snipers

#Araweelo_News_Network. Khoutum (ANN)-The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) are at war with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). It was they presented by women born in Ethiopia are being recruited as mercenaries. The ongoing conflict in Sudan, authorities in Gederaf state bordering

Fosiya Haji Aden’s Withdrawal from AU Chair Commission Candidacy

Fosiya Haji Aden’s Withdrawal from AU Chair Commission Candidacy #Araweelo_News_Network. Fosiya Haji Aden’s recent withdrawal from her candidacy for the Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission has highlighted intricate political dynamics involving Somalia, Djibouti, and Somaliland. Background and Recent

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