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A Vietnamese billionaire is facing a tragic death after being found in one of the biggest scams in history

“I am so angry that I was stupid enough to get involved in this very fierce business environment, the banking sector  which I have little knowledge of.”She said, according to Vietnam state media. The campaign has seen two presidents and

How a China-Built Railway Is Connecting Ethiopia to the World

Cover Story: By Araweelo_News_Network. Written by Arraale M. Jama, a freelance journalist and human rights activist. Cape Twon to Cairo (ANN)-Since its launch, the Addis-Djibouti Railway has transported over 677,000 passengers and nearly 9.47 million tons of freight. Despite this,

#BRICS; 18 countries have applied to join the Alliance in 2024

  # Araweelo News Netwok  Peritoria (ANN)- The geopolitical landscape has undoubtedly shifted throughout the last year. Amid that, the BRICS alliance has grown in number and influence. Heading into this year, they had enacted their first expansion effort since 2001.

Netanyahu says Israel will return to table for cease-fire talks with Hamas

#Araweelo_News_Network.   Tel Aviv (ANN)- The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will return to the table for cease-fire talks with Hamas, accoding to Associated Press. Friday’s announcement marks yet another attempt to reach a deal to pause Israel’s devastating

#Washington: Monitoring #BRICS Digital Currency Push Amid #Dollar Decline

The West is observing the potential negative uses of this ongoing commitment and research. the BRICS is currently developing a Blockchain-based payment system   #Araweelo_News_Network. Washington (ANN)- Amid the ongoing BRICS development for the alliance during a US Election year,

36 Countries Apply To Join BRICS Alliance in 2024

#Araweelo_News_Network.   Cape Town , Pretoria (ANN)-The latest report indicates that 36 countries have applied to join the BRICS alliance this year in 2024. All 36 countries have formally submitted their expression of interest to join the bloc, confirmed South

#Vladimir Putin extends rule in preordained Russian election after harshest crackdown since Soviet era

Putin has led Russia as president or prime minister since December 1999. At the end of his fifth term #Araweelo_News_Network  Moscow(ANN)-President Vladimir Putin extended his reign over Russia in a landslide election whose outcome was never in doubt, declaring Monday

Maraykanka Iyo Iran Qarsoodi Uga Wada Hadlay Bariga Dhexe Iyo Wererarada Maraakiibta

#Araweelo_News_Network Washington (ANN)- Iran iyo Maraykanka oo yeeshay wadahadalo qarsoodi ah oo ku saabsan weerarrada wakiillada iyo joojinta dagaalka Diblomaasiyiin ayaa ku kulmay Cumaan bishii Janaayo, iyadoo dhinaca Mareykanka ay doonayaan inay joojiyaan weerarada maraakiibta Badda Cas iyo saldhigyada Mareykanka,

Another threat Houthi attacks in the Red Sea threaten the Internet cables in the East and West

  Another threat Houthi attacks in the Red Sea threaten the Internet cables  in the East and West. #Araweelo_News_Network. Mumbai India (ANN)- A new threat has emerged from the attacks by Iran-backed Houthis on shipping in the Red Sea that

The joint exercises, called “Maritime Security Belt – 2024” Russia, China and Iran In Gulf Of Oman

  #Araweelo_News_Network. Moscow (ANN)- Russia said a group of its warships had arrived in Iran to take part in drills with Iran and China in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The joint exercises, called “Maritime Security Belt

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