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Djibouti (ANN)- The leader of Las Anod administration of SSC, Khatumo Abduqadir Firdhiye, who is visiting Djibouti, after receiving an invitation from the President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh. met the leaders of IGAD.

President Guelleh, who had a special meeting with Abduqadir Firdhiye, made it possible for the meeting between the leader of Khatumo and the leaders of IGAD to discuss the conflict between the Somaliland government and Khatumo’s administration and the problems caused by the Lasanood war.

As well. The meeting discussed the effects of the conflict in LasAnod on the security of the region and the need to resolve the conflict, and to work with the prisoners on both sides to overcome the conflict.

A Statement issued after the IGAD meeting by Mohamed Abdi Ware. Deputy Executive Secretary of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development IGAD. It was shown in the things discussed in the meeting.

“We discussed the the Khaatumo-Somaliland conflict, particularly Prisoners-of-war, their welfare and care, and the role IGAD can play, through the IGAD Council of Eminent Personalities and other mechanisms in facilitating their release. Look forward to having a similar discussion with Somaliland Authorities at an opportune time. ” said the statement.

Also added a stetement of IGAD, ‘Peace and Security in the Region is a fundamental mandate of IGAD, and we look forward to working on it with all parties and stakeholders.

A copy of the text reached Araweelo_News_Network, read it here.