Asmara(ANN)-The United States and Britain are among the countries that withdrawing their Embassies on the mission in Asmara and warning. All foreign nationals, including diplomats, must apply in advance for a travel permit to leave the Asmara region, as stated in the statement.

The statement comes amid unconfirmed reports that the country’s hard-line leader Issayas Afewerki is in a difficult situation, but there is no confirmation on the matter. as the country lacks a free press, it is therefore difficult to get accurate information, According to Araweelo News Network.

last day Western countries are withdrawing their Embassies staff from Eritrea It is not clear what is going on in Eritrea, but many countries including United Kingdom and the U.S.A are evacuating their staff members from their Embassies in Asmara, Eritrea.

The Statement from the office Foreign and Commonwealth The reason given by the UK Embassy simply says “given the rapidly changing situation…” as you can see in the following paragraph.
statement from the office Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising British nationals against all non-essential international travel at this time. Existing advice for Eritrea remains in place:

“Given the rapidly changing situation in Eritrea we are temporarily withdrawing all UK staff from our Embassy. The Embassy will continue to carry out essential work including providing 24/7 consular assistance and support to British nationals in Eritrea. Removal of information about a flight which departed Eritrea on 18 April. (‘Summary’ and ‘Return to UK’ pages)

“within 25km of Eritrea’s land borders, with the exceptions of: the towns of Senafe and Tessenei; the border crossings at Debay Sima – Burre, Serha – Zalambessa and Kesadika (Adi Kuala) – Rama, plus the main paved roads leading to those crossings (as displayed on the map). All border crossings between Ethiopia and Eritrea are currently closed. See Local travel,said the warning and updated today 27 April 2020.

Here is The FCO advise against all travel to: Local travel from the office Foreign and Commonwealth