Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2020

#Somaliland: 32 Years after Massacre of Military Government Discovered New Buried Cemetery

Somaliland: 32 Years after Massacre victims found on Citizen Watch 21 Jewels, has not changed and still looks like a new watch.

Araweelo News Network- By Arraale M Jaama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

Hargeisa(ANN)-The Office of the Commission of Inquiry into the Massacre of the People of the Northern Regions of Somaliland by the Military Regime of Mohamed Siad Barre in the 1980s, has today unveiled new mass graves in the Malka-durduro area southwest of Hargeisa Somaliland.

Genocide Investigation Officer displays items on the table of victims of the July 1988 massacre, including combs, razor blades, tinted glasses, and Citizen Watch 21 Jewels. You have been using it. It hasn’t changed and it still looks like a new watch. 32 years later. 22 July 2020, Araweelo News Network. photo by Arraale M Jaama.

The Genocide Investigation Officers, who spoke to the media, displayed the skeletal office of 11 people they said were found in the area of Malka-durduro, after it was raining there, and the Genocide Investigation Team removed the skeleton from there. They were buried in a mass grave, and their items, including watches such as Citizen Watch 21 Jewels, which were widely used by people in Somaliland’s cities at the time, were removed from the site.

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The Genocide Investigators also found that the skeletons of the victims were believed to have contained combs, scissors, tinted glasses and torn clothes, but Citizen clock. has not changed and still looks like a new clock, having been buried in the mass grave for 32 years. Abdirahman, a member of the Genocide Monitoring Group, told Araweelo News Network.

On the table were items belonging to the victims of the July 1988 massacre, including combs,, sunglasses, and Citizen Watch 21 Jewels, which were widely used by Somalilanders at the time. has not changed and still looks like a new watch. 32 years later. 22 July 2020, Araweelo News Network. Photo by Arraale M Jaama.

Officials from the Somaliland Genocide Commission said the new mass grave they found and also displayed ropes that appeared to be tied when they were being killed were tied up like goats, or that chambers and belts were some tied and torn. They said the bullets were found in a mass grave at the same location, adding that the bullets were fired at the victims during a joint operation and then buried there. The bones of the victims were taken to Masalha, south of Hargeisa, where they said it was the site of a mass reburial of skeletal remains of mass graves found in Hargeisa.

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“Since 2012, 119 people have been buried in the cemetery for the re-burial of skeletal bones, confirmed by French forensic experts, and re-buried. Has fulfilled the obligations of Islam, said Khadar Ahmed Aka (Khadar Like), Chairman of the Somaliland Genocide Commission.


The bodies were wrapped in a white cloth and put in a truck to be re-buried by the Commission of Inquiry into the July 1988 genocide, 32 years later. 22 July 2020, Araweelo News by Arraale M Jaama.

Commission officials said the 11 people found in the mass grave, in conjunction with government soldiers at the time, said the reason for the killings was only because of their ethnicity, so they said. The genocide and others that took place in other regions and cities in Somaliland and on the coast of the Jazira were not blamed on anyone other than the officials of the military junta and the coalition government that ruled the country, and we tell those affected by this. “I would like to express my sincere condolences to the victims and the nation,” said Abdirahman member of the Somaliland Genocide Commission.

This is not the first time mass graves have been found in Hargeisa and other cities in Somaliland, particularly in Burao, Hargeisa, Erigavo and elsewhere.

In the last week of mid-July 2020, similar mass graves were discovered in Hargeisa, and the mass graves found are further evidence of the genocide perpetrated by the regime of Mohamed Siad Barre against the people of the northern regions of what is now the Republic of Somaliland.

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