London(ANN)-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the country can “turn the tide” in fight against the coronavirus in 12 weeks as another 33 more people have died across the UK.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Johnson said, “I do think, looking at it all, that we can turn the tide within the next 12 weeks.”

“But only if we all take the steps that we’ve outlined, that is vital, that’s how we’re going to reduce the peak and once we’ve achieved that and I think that we will, if we take the steps I’ve said, then the scientific progress that we’ve been making will really start coming into play.”

Passengers wearing face masks as a precautionary measure against covid-19, sit in an underground train carriage on the District Line in London on March 19, 2020. (AFP photo)

Currently, a total of 137 people have died in the UK, with 128 of the victims coming from England, where 29 new deaths were reported over the past 24 hours.

“A further 29 people, who tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have died,” NHS England said. “Patients were aged between 47 and 96 years old and had underlying health conditions.”

This comes as in Scotland, individual fatality toll doubled overnight with Northern Ireland confirming its first victim of the life-threatening infection.

Health officials say thousands more might die from the virus, as the ever-worsening situation in the UK is escalating at an alarming speed.

There are nearly 2,700 confirmed COVID-19 cases across the UK, with a third of them in London – the epicenter of Britain’s crisis.

The city is preparing for a virtual lockdown as it faces the prospect of greater restrictions over concerns that residents are not heeding advice about the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that just under half of Britons believe their government is handling the coronavirus outbreak well.

According to a survey by Ipsos MORI, 49 percent said ministers were dealing with the crisis well, with 35 percent viewing the government’s efforts negatively.