Tehran(ANN)- Iran has denounced the Israeli regime’s attacks on civilians and targets of the resistance front in Gaza and Syria, criticizing the international community’s inaction on Tel Aviv’s repeated atrocities in Palestine and its violation of the neighboring countries’ sovereignty.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Tuesday hailed the Palestinian nation’s legitimate and brave resistance in the face of Israeli occupation, describing resistance and national unity as the only option for the Palestinians their fight the occupying regime.

Pointing to the Israeli military’s “inhumane” desecration of the body of a Gazan man killed by the regime’s forces, saying the insult once again exposed the brutal nature of the Tel Aviv regime and its lack of commitment to the most basic “moral and human principles in its behavior towards the defenseless Palestinian people.”

Mousavi said the Israeli perpetrators of the move should be prosecuted and punished in international courts as war criminals.

The comments followed yet another flare-up of tensions between the Israeli military and Gaza-based resistance fighters.

The Islamic Jihad resistance movement fired dozens of rockets and mortar rounds towards the Israeli-occupied territories after the regime’s forces killed one of its fighters on Sunday morning.

A video later went viral on social media showing what appeared to be the lifeless body of the resistance fighter dangling from an Israeli military bulldozer as it removed the corpse, in what human rights activists have denounced as a “war crime” and a blatant violation of international law.

Israeli fighter jets and helicopters also attacked Islamic Jihad targets across Gaza as well as in neighboring Syria, with the Palestinian movement reporting that two of its fighters had been killed in the raids near Damascus.

Source Presstv