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At this point I don’t know if any facts about Donald Trump are all that unbelievable to the average American audience. He has made some pretty stupid remarks during his run for the US Presidency and his actions have sometimes spoke even louder than his words.

While he may be a billionaire real estate magnate, he is also a polarizing figure who has made disparaging remarks and taken remarkable actions against women, the elderly, and pretty much everyone else in-between.

Here are 10 unbelievable facts about Donald Trump.

He Tried To Bulldoze An Old Lady’s House

In 1994, The Donald decided the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was in desperate need of a parking lot built specifically for limos. An elderly widow named Vera Coking, lived at the proposed location of his parking lot. Trump used eminent domain to condemn her house but ultimately the Institute of Justice got involved and Donald Trump didn’t stand a chance.


He Said Military School Trained Him Better Than Soldiers

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Donald Trump doesn’t have a great track record with US soldiers and this statement pretty much perfectly sums up his views on the US military. He told a biographer that his time spent at the New York Military Academy provided him with “more military training than a lot of the guys that go into the military.” I’m pretty sure there are some angry Marine, Army, Navy, and Air Force guys who would 100% disagree with his ignorant claim.