Djibouti’s Hostility towards Somaliland: Detailed Analysis


Djibouti’s hostility towards Somaliland is driven by economic competition and regional defense strategies. It fears Berbera port’s rising prominence. Djibouti, relying heavily on port revenues, views Somaliland as a threat to its economic dominance and leverages political capital to destabilize it. However, Somaliland must shift focus from personal relations to strategic interests to counteract Djibouti’s aggression.


Economic Competition

1. Port Revenue Dependency: Djibouti’s port is a critical economic asset, accounting for a
substantial portion of the nation’s GDP. The port’s success is largely due to its role as
Ethiopia’s primary maritime outlet, handling over 90% of its trade. As a landlocked
nation with a rapidly growing economy, Ethiopia’s reliance on Djibouti’s port has been a
key revenue stream. However, with Ethiopia seeking diversified trade routes to reduce
dependence, the development of Somaliland’s Berbera port poses a direct challenge. If
Berbera becomes a viable alternative, Djibouti could lose significant port traffic and
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Writer: – Eng. Abdi Ali Barkhad
Independent political analyst