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Sana’a(ANN)-The Republic of Yemen’s Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, has issued an order demanding its former ousted President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to submit a report stipulating his net worth.

The declaration would include the amount of property and money Saleh acquired while serving in office for 33 years.


The order, which Al was able to obtain a copy of, threatened to imprison Saleh if he does not commit to the order’s demands.


Republic of Yemen’s Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption order. (Supplied)

Issued on September 11, the order noted that in 2006, while still in office, Saleh issued a law requiring a disclosure of his net worth. It also stipulated that he had no right to violate that law.

However, in the event of a violation, Saleh would be convicted according to sanctions imposed on violators of the concerned law. The order also highlighted that Saleh had never disclosed his net worth.

The order was also addressed to Houthi Revolutionary Committee leader, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi.

Financial corruption
In August, after cutting ties with their former coup ally, Saleh, Houthi leaders spoke out on his immense financial corruptions while serving in office. They also revealed word on Saleh’s international projects, companies, properties and real estates.

Commenting on Saleh’s assets, the leaders continued saying: “These are stolen from the people’s money.” He must be held accountable for these actions, they added.

A previous United Nations report estimated Saleh’s net worth to be over $60 billion.