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Sana’a(ANN)-Yemen’s Nobel Peace laureate and activist Tawakkol Karman has said that the latest UN panel report on war crimes in Yemen constitutes a legal basis to prosecute Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Last week a UN mandated expert panel issued a report which said that members of the Yemeni government, Arab coalition forces particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and Houthi militants have “committed acts amounting to war crimes” in Yemen.

On Saturday the Saudi-led Arab coalition accepted responsibility for last month’s deadly air strike on a school bus that killed 40 children in the governorate of Saada, north of Sanaa.


Speaking to Al Jazeera Karman said the report has revealed a series of “horrific and unprecedented violations,” adding that the report “reflects only a small fraction of what the Houthis or the Arab coalition have done in Yemen”.

“Although the report is too small compared reality, it contained different types of crimes and named senior perpetrators,” she said.

Karman has denounced the continued sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE despite reports which revealed that these weapons are used to kill Yemenis, stressing that those who sell arms to these countries contribute directly and indirectly to the killing of the Yemeni people.

“The Yemeni people reject the coup led by Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen and also reject the treacherous coalition that came to occupy Yemen and steal its wealth led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE which did not come to the country to support legitimacy” Karman said.