Aden is depositing the national and political figure Hamed Jama

The writer and journalist, Hamed Jama

Adan, Crater city (ANN)-The city of Aden, specifically the region of Crater, , and its literary, cultural, political, press and media personalities yesterday called for his last resting place, the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer and journalist Hamed Jama Hussein, (aka حامد جامع) who passed away after a busy life to serve his city Aden and its people through the posts he held in the ministries of culture and information , As well as his activities and writings and translations published in the magazine «wisdom» of the Union of Yemeni writers and writers, and later newspaper «Altagamu» tongue of the Yemeni Unionist Rally Party, where it was one of the pillars in the first edition early nineties

The late political activist Hamed Jama (aka حامد جامع) practiced political activity early through his membership in the People’s Democratic Union under the leadership of the late Abdullah Baheeb and then a member of the Yemeni Unionist Union Party, where Zamil in the Unionist Union is a number of fighters, most notably the deceased Omar al-Jawi and the deceased. Abdulrahman Abdullah Ibrahim and Dr. Abu Bakr al-Saqqaf and Khalid Fadl Mansour and others.

Hamed Jama is one of the best translators in Aden. He has a lot of translations, some of which are printed, some of which are expected. In 1988, he was published in the journal of the Socialist Party, the intellectual journal of the Socialist Party.

The second part of David Smiley’s book “Mission in the Arabian Peninsula” (  مهمة في الجزيرة العربية ) about the status of Yemen in the 1980s. It also translated a third book entitled “The Last Site”, a translation of the notes of an officer and an English politician about his recent years in Aden.

With this great casualty, the Al Ayyam family extends their sincere condolences and condolences to the relatives and loved ones of deceased Hamed Jama (aka حامد جامع) and his colleagues and loved ones, calling upon the Almighty to inspire everyone to be patient and patient and to conserve the late deceased with mercy and forgiveness.

May God have mercy on him, forgive him, and dwell in his paradise, and inspire his family and people of patience and solace.

By. Arraale M Jama

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