Galkayo(ANN)-More than 20 people were killed in a suicide car bomb attack targeting a religious centre in the south of Galkayo in the central province of Mudug in Somalia earlier today, Al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attack.
Ahmed Tiri, an officer in the security forces, said Al-Shabaab militants launched the attack on the Sufi centre which is linked to Sheikh Abdul-weli Ali, south of the city of Galkayo. After a suicide bomber attacked the centre, militants stormed the centre which was packed with worshipers. a security source and eyewitnesses said.
At least 20 people have been killed as a result of  the Al-Shabaab attack, however the number is expected to rise. Al-shabab claimed that Abdiweli was outraged by prophet Mohammed peace be upon him was .
Abdiweli is accused of doing things contrary to the Islamic religion, and the Somali scholars have been calling for an apology, and then a prison sentence was dropped, but released after a few days. Al-Shabaab often attacks at the government and AMISOM forces in Mogadishu.
The group is battling to topple the central government and impose its rule based on its own terpretation of Islamic law. Since 2012, the group has pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda, to attacks campaigns against Western interests.