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Paris(ANN)-Dozens of people have launched an attack using metal bars and fireworks on a police station in a suburb of the French capital of Paris.

“Violent attack last night on the police station of Champigny with mortar shots and various projectiles. No police officer was injured,” the Paris police headquarters said in a statement on Twitter on Sunday.

A video showing a barrage of fireworks going off in the direction of the police station in Champigny-sur-Marne, about 15km southeast of central Paris was posted on the social media platform.

No one was arrested in the attack despite reports saying there had been damage to vehicles and the windows at the station.

The assailants attempted to force their way into the station, but failed to do so.

The motive for the attack, the third on this police station in two years, was yet unknown.

Champigny Mayor Laurent Jeanne told media that the residents of the area held strong anti-police sentiments.

“It was an organized attack of about 40 people who wanted to do battle,” the mayor said.

“For a few days it has been tense with people who have a certain willingness to do battle with the police. It’s anti-police sentiment. We weren’t far off from a disaster,” he claimed.

President Emmanuel Macron’s style of rule has been blamed for an increase in crime and decrease in public safety across the country since he took power in 2017.

The public sees Macron’s government, whose fuel pricing policies have triggered the “Yellow Vest” movement, as the weakest on those issues.

Macron faces reelection in less than two years.

His chances of winning the presidency are perceived as low as trust in the French leader continues to sink amid the coronavirus pandemic.