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Stockholm (ANN)-Swedish scientists have made an announcement that camels and other animals in the same family have antibodies that can block covid-19 virus.

Working round the clock to unblock the matrix on coronavirus scientists at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said Friday they are working on a pioneering treatment involving llamas and alpacas in the fight against Covid-19.

Dr Gerald McInerney, Associate Professor of Virology at the Karolinska Institute. “Camels, and alpacas and llamas and other animals from that family have special, small single-chain antibodies. Tiny antibodies they’ve proved can block Covid-19.”

The institute said it was studying how to put these tiny antibodies on cells, blocking the virus from getting in and to stop patients from developing the disease.

From alpaca blood samples the researchers can clone antibodies en masse in the laboratory. They hope to produce a short term treatment, most likely as a mouth spray, or inhaler. “We are very excited that we have something that’s very functional,” says Dr McInerney.