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Published On: Sun, Sep 9th, 2018

Contacts disclosed between Houthis and Saudi princes

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Sana’a(ANN)-A leader Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi has disclosed contacts with princes of the Saudi Arabian royal family, it has been reported. The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee formed by Ansar Allah group in Yemen used Twitter for his disclosure.


“Prince Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz’s statements are positive and show a great sense of awareness from the part of the prince, who rejects the aggression against Yemen,” claimed Al-Houthi. “Will the Saudi system be aware of following such an insane path that has been rejected by everyone even the royal family? Or will the hunger for shedding the blood of the steadfast people of Yemen prevail?”


تصريحات الامير احمد بن عبد العزيز ال سعود ايجابية وتدلل على وعي كبير لدى الامير الرافض للعدوان على اليمن فهل سيعي النظام المسار الجنوني الذي بات يرفضه الجميع حتى وصل الرفض الى العائلة السعودية . ام ان حبهم للاجرام بحق الشعب اليمني الصامد سيبقى سيد الموقف . — محمد علي الحوثي (@Moh_Alhouthi) September 4, 2018


Prince Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz has apparently revealed an internal dispute in Riyadh about the Yemeni situation, which is an attitude shared by several members of the Saudi royal family, as they are said to have confirmed to Al-s. “Is the utter rejection of the Saudi.

American aggression against Yemen and its allies proof of the justness of the Yemeni cause?” the Yemeni rebel leader asked. He praised the withdrawal of some countries from the Saudi led coalition as well as the arms embargo imposed by Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Germany and others on Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

الرفض الكبيرللعدوان الأمريكي السعودي وحلفائه على اليمن دليل عدالةمضلوميةالقضيةاليمنيةوانتصارها تمثل ١_بانسحاب دول كانت مشاركةفي التحالف ٢_بمنع السويدبلجيكااسبانياالمانيا ودول اخرى بيع السلاح ٣_ماافصح عنه الامير احمد بن عبد العزيز خلاف داخلي وهوموقف الكثير بالاسرة كماأبلغونا — محمد علي الحوثي (@Moh_Alhouthi) September 4, 2018


A few days ago, activists circulated a video in which the Saudi Prince identified as Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz appeared in front of his London residence responding to demonstrators who shouted slogans condemning the policies of the ruling Al-Saud family and called them “murderers”. “Al-Saud family has nothing to do with the issue,” he insisted. “There are certain individuals in the royal family who are responsible. This should be addressed to the current rulers, the King and his Crown Prince.” However, Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz denied such statements about King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. What was published in the media and social media was “inaccurate,” he explained.

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