Hargeisa(ANN)- Harrier Rage Father of a little girl who was raped at an orphanage in Hargeisa has demanded justice. Father with a sad expression.

Harir Ragge with a sad expression his situation of his teenage daughter being raped in Hargeisa Orphanage Center  and the number of men raped. When this happened I was blind and concealed from being raped and abused by my daughter.

The father said “I took two girls and a boy to the orphanage because their mother was mentally ill and I was blind,” said Harrier the father of the girl who was raped by the teenage.

“I went for a call and I said, ‘I was rejected, I went yesterday and he refused me,'” Father Rage told HCTV.

The Hargeisa orphanage center was found the little girl she is pregnant after five months by her poor parents. Her Father is blind while and her mother is sick bedridden.

The Orphanage admin didn’t inform of the parent that their daughter is going to deliver a newborn baby. So far the justice didn’t act but the media frenzy and the people angrily reacted to the crime.

The CID Criminal Investigation Officer said they have five people in custody and will be arraigned in court.

So far Waddani party secretary for justice spoke out that the government should act before the sunset. two or three other siblings still live in the said Orphanage.