Sana’a(ANN)-Minister of Fisheries Mohammed Al-Zubairi revealed that an Emirati ship is used as a floating prison in the sea to detain fishermen, stressing that the ministry has submitted complaints more than once to international organizations.

In a statement to Almasirah, Minister Al-Zubairi said Wednesday, “We formed a joint committee from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Fisheries and Coast Guard to follow up the issue of the fishermen’s detention.”

In a previous statement, the Minister of Fisheries condemned the arbitrary actions against the Yemeni fishermen and their detention in Eritrean prisons, calling for an end to Emirati piracy in the Red Sea and kidnapping fishermen and fishing boats.

Al-Zubairi stated that the Eritrean authorities are practicing arbitrary detention against Yemeni fishermen in violation of the joint hunting agreement which is signed between the two countries, noting that 78 arrested fishermen were released from Eritrean prisons who were detained by an Emirati ship in the international corridor.