Mekella(ANN)-The representatives of Inter-Religious Council and elders from other regions and religious fathers have had discussion with the leadership of Tigrai Regional State, representatives of competent political parties in Tigrai, Civic Associations and other members of the society today in Mekella at planet Hotel.

In a written statement presented to the participants, the Council urged the Regional State to solve challenges emanated inside or outdoor agents.  The written statement emphasized that Ethiopia is the land of more than 80 nations, nationalities and peoples who have been living together in tolerance despite various dissociating incidents.

The stability of the country has poisoned from time to time demanding all people to work together with patience and understanding to each other.

No matter what causes the disharmony, both parts should avoid the tenterhooks and sit for dialogue witin the shortest possible time. In the document, it is also elaborated that the people of Tigrai have sacrificed for peace, democracy and justice and they know well the value of peace, unity and togetherness than any other people.

The council also emphasized that there won’t be any challenge that couldn’t be solved via dialog and peaceful negotiations that is why the religious fathers and the elders have triggered to come to Mekelle and talk to the leadership.

The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, His Holiness Abune Matthias said the very reason for their coming is to help the efforts of ensuring peace, strengthen unity of the people and the country. Although Ethiopia has passed through various challenges, it has currently faced a wide range of challenges including COVID 19 that deserves joining hands and strengthen unity than any other time.

We condemn any one working to wage war up on people  rather the leadership should discuss to solve problems in a peaceful manner and we will always remember you in our prayers to refrain yourself from engaging in civil war,” he added.

Mufti Hajji Omar Idris, father and leader of the Ethiopian Muslims, also said that there is need to have unity at this time. “We advise both parts to for peace.  We want our leaders to sit together and discuss the challenges in discharging their responsibility.”

The President of Tigrai Regional State Debretsion Gebremichael on his part vows the delegation that Tigrai is ready for dialogue at any time.

“We are happy to meet you here in Mekelle. However, the problems were there since the past three years that the highway from Addis Ababa to Tigrai via Amhara Region was closed, documentary films targeting to attacks the people of Tigrai were produced and aired, various agenda were set and disseminated through government media to instigate violence in Tigrai and the imprisonment, torture, murder and displacement of Tigrians because of their identity, Currently, there are more than one hundred thousand displaced Tigrians and nothing was done to solve these but we tolerate for we need peace.  Above all, the Federal government along with the Eritrean leader has been conspiring to wage war against the people of Tigrai,” he said.

The president also mentioned that “when we announced to self-administration and to conduct election in the region, they voiced to wage war against us if we proceed with that  but why?

“There is nix that we do secretly. It has to be open discussion, open to the public. The situation is now worst. Everything got rotten that it might be difficult to readjust. There is no law and order in the country and the constitution is already violated. The group in power created problems not with Tigrai but with all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia.

Dr. Debretsion emphasized that this team has to be told overtly to come to peace. The truth should be revealed and you should arrange a forum where all political parties in the country could participate.

“As for Tigrai, we have been working to address problems of good governance in our region, maintain our peace; thereby, will conduct the election with high care of COVID 19.

The tension between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and National Regional State of Tigrai has been getting more and more complicated since the two years. In connection to the election, the government announced the postponement of the country’s 6th National Election for unlimited period.  The Speaker of the House of Federation resigned refusing the illegal move that has been taking place by the ruling squad so as to pull the constitution to pieces and shift to Unitary System.

By Mola Mitiku
Source: Tigrai Online