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Ethiopian Electric Power

Addi’s Ababa *ANN)-Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) reveals it has planned to secure 84.5 million USD from power export to Sudan and Djibouti this budget year.

In 2017/18, Ethiopia set to sell 876,000 and 613,200 megawatt hour (Mwh) power with 43,800,000 and 40,424,994 USD to Sudan and Djibouti respectively, Abebe Kahsay, Transmission Operations Executive Officer tells The Ethiopian Herald.

Up on completion of transmission line installation next year, the regional demand for Ethiopia’s power is expected to rise and efforts are already underway to export power to Kenya, he says.

In 2016/17, the country has secured some 73,160,593 USD from power export to the above mentioned neighboring countries, according to him.

Among this, Sudan has bought some 795,073.07 Mwh at the cost of 40, 544, 888 USD. Djibouti, has also bought 492, 71.75 Mwh hydro electric power with 32,615,705 USD, he says.

Ethiopia has been expanding the exploitation of renewable energy to build climate resilient economy, he notes.

The country is selling hydro electric power at lower cost and helping its neighbors save the money they spend to import expensive petrol.

Consequently, over 17 hydroelectric dams have been constructed and under construction to meet the rising power demand in the country.

Currently, the country generates about 4,314 megawatts (MW) from various renewable sources.

Ethiopia aims to produce 15,000 of electricity through its dams in the coming five years, Prime Minister Hailemariam said at a ceremony launching the Gibe III dam.