London(ANN)-A senior British politician has slammed Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg for his lack of responsibility about a series of scandals affecting the social media giant in the UK.

Tom Watson, who serves as deputy leader of the opposition Labour Party, said Wednesday that Mark Zuckerberg is an “arrogant corporate elite” and a “coward,” who never cared about the UK and problems his company had created in the country.

“You should always look to where you can do the most good – and what good comes from Mark Zuckerberg’s behaviour?” said Watson, adding, “He’s an arrogant corporate elite and he’s a coward”.

Zuckerberg has reportedly refused to appear in the British parliament to answer questions from a cross-party committee of lawmakers about Facebook’s alleged breach of privacy laws in the country and other issues.

Watson said Zuckerberg viewed the UK as a “minor market” which did not deserve a proper response about Facebook’s alleged misconduct.

“It’s clear to me that for Zuckerberg … the United Kingdom is a little place on a map,” the MP said, adding the British government has to act” to make the Facebook chief answer parliament’s questions.

Companies like Facebook have been accused in the UK of using special techniques to negatively target a large population of children in the country. Lawmakers and activists believe the unregulated social media operation has affected the mental health of children and even caused them to commit suicide.

Facebook has also been implicated in a privacy breach scandal which allegedly took place before the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Lawmakers say a political consultancy firm in Britain called Cambridge Analytica had managed to misuse information of tens of millions of Facebook users before the vote.