Tehran(ANN)-German Red Cross has shipped lifeboats to the Iranian Red Crescent to help it with its efforts to rescue those trapped by floods.

According to official data, at least 70 people have died from floods over the past three weeks while many are still missing.

More downpours are forecast for the south-west, with 400,000 people at risk. Dangerously full dams are being opened to ease water build-up.

The situation remains serious in the southwestern part of the country, where dozens of small towns and villages have been evacuated.

More than 25,000 homes were destroyed, and at least 60,000 families were forced to flee to emergency shelters.

According to the Iranian Red Crescent, Kuwait, Switzerland, Turkey and Germany have sent aid to Iran. However, due to US sanctions banning bank transfers to Iran, the country has not been able to receive financial assistance.