Khartoum (ANN)-EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Monday that more than 1,000 EU citizens had been evacuated, reported by BBC.

France has airlifted 400 people of multiple nationalities to Djibouti.

The Netherlands said it had sent two planes to fly out its nationals to Jordan.

Italy evacuated around 200 people in a military operation Sunday, rescuing all Italian citizens who “had asked to leave” and others including Vatican representatives.

Germany said on Monday three flights had left and a fourth was on its way to airlift a total of 400 people.

Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania said their citizens have been evacuated with foreign assistance. Around 65 people from those countries are still awaiting rescue.

Spanish military plane with 100 passengers, 30 of them Spanish, others mostly from Latin America countries, left Sunday for Djibouti.

As the 72-hour-ceasefire takes effect, evacuation efforts are expected to ramp up today.

A well-placed source has told the BBC that the airlift of British nationals from a military base north of Khartoum is likely to begin in the next few hours.

The source said UK civilians were being told to “make your own way” to the airbase in a carefully “caveated” message. “It has got to be the individual’s decision. Once you get to the location, we will hopefully get you on a flight a soon as possible.”

It’s not clear how many British nationals are likely to make the journey. The source said it was “bluntly, a lot of guesswork”. But they added that it could be around 500 people.

At present British officials are looking at a 24 hour window for the airlifts, but that could be extended, depending on whether the new ceasefire holds.

The source said there was no sign that the warring parties were deliberately targeting foreign nationals. They spoke of intense co-operation between foreign governments, rather than a “sharp-elbowed” approach to the evacuations.

The military base being used is in a “secure and relatively stable location” in an area controlled by Sudan’s regular army.

foreign secretary James Cleverly said they would have to do so without a military escort, warning that the “situation remains dangerous, volatile and unpredictable” despite the uneasy ceasefire brokered on Monday night.

Some Sudanese relatives of British nationals have been denied temporary visas and excluded from evacuation flights, The Independent has been told – with no plans to set up a legal route for Sudanese refugees to claim asylum.


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