Kuwait(ANN)-The Kuwaiti authorities announced, Tuesday, the banning of imported Indian, British and American food products.

The Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Higher Committee for Food Safety at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition, Adel Al-Suwait, said in a statement that the Committee recommended banning the importation of the “boneless buffalo meat” of the Indian brand “ALM,” which was produced on 1 December 2018, for being contaminated with “E. Coli O157” bacteria.

He added that the ban included other Indian products because of the high levels of pesticides, including Indian coriander of “JAI ASHAPURA” brand, the crushed red pepper and turmeric of “FATIN” trademark.

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The ban also included “HI-TEA” Thick Coarse Black Tea, in addition to “JAYA RICE” rice and cereals.

The Committee also decided to ban the importation of “chocolate chunks” of “Waitrose” brand from Britain and California grape leaf of the American “Orland” brand.

In its statement, the Kuwaiti Committee did not mention the reasons for banning the two British and American products.

Source: Middaleeastmonitor