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A UK police officer guards the scene of a hate crime in London’s southern borough of Croydon, April 1, 2017. (Photo by ITV News)

London(ANN)-British police have called for help in tracing a jogger who appeared to push a woman into the path of an oncoming bus on a busy street in London.

Closed circuit TV footage of May 5 released on Tuesday showed the male runner jog past one man on Putney Bridge before knocking into the 33-year-old victim.

“The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle,” said Sergeant Mat Knowles, the investigating officer.

As the woman tumbled to the ground, her head and upper body fell into the path of an oncoming bus. However, the bus driver had managed to swerve out of her way.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the victim tried to speak to the jogger as he returned in the other direction about 15 minutes later, but “he did not acknowledge her.”

After the woman fell into the road, the bus stopped and passengers went to help the victim who had sustained minor injuries.

Police described the suspect as a white man in his 30s and said that the footage had been released as the investigation into identity of the runner had so far been unsuccessful.

London has become a hotspot for various kinds of assaults. Last year, 431 acid attacks were reported in the British capital, up from the 261 cases reported a year earlier. Official figures put the number of acid attacks at around 1,500 since 2011.

Several acid attacks took place in London mid July, raising serious concerns about a crime becoming widespread.