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Nairobi(ANN)-The Kenyan government has said it will not attend an ICJ hearing on the maritime dispute between Somalia and Somalia.

In recent days, a group from the Somali Federal Government led by Deputy Prime Minister Khadar Guled left Mogadishu to attend the hearing, but the Kenyan government has said it will not attend.

Once again, the government has made it clear why it failed to attend the court hearing, accusing Somalia of cheating.

According to a statement issued on Friday, Kenya confirmed its decision not to attend the ongoing maritime delimitation (Somalia and Kenya) trial at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “This is a decision reached after in-depth reflection and extensive consultation on how best to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kenya.”


The maritime demarcation case between Somalia and Kenya has already begun in the ICJ, without the involvement of the Kenyan government, and Kenya, one of the East African countries that own the sea, has said it feels betrayed by Somalia.

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“The government and people of Kenya feel betrayed that Somalia has taken the case to the ICJ, after rejecting the maritime border it has agreed to for more than 35 years. Somalia has incited hostility against Kenya, ”


The statement also said, “Somalia has been actively involved in a climate that encourages attacks on Kenyan civilians and Kenyan troops in Somalia and has even threatened to continue its support to AMISOM.” Somalia] Somalia has also undermined the basic need for stability and transnational boundaries, ”the ministry said in a statement.

Kenya says Somalia’s betrayal has raised concerns as it has always been an ally and has deep diplomatic ties.

“There is no doubt that the government and people of Kenya have sacrificed their lives for their Somali neighbors. Kenya has provided humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees. Its military has protected the Somali government from terrorists. ”

The statement also listed Kenya’s contribution to Somalia, and it was said, “The Somali government has been hosted in Nairobi for several years due to insecurity in Mogadishu. It has received financial, diplomatic, and military donations from Kenya. Her gradual return to Mogadishu was made possible by thousands of Kenyan and regional troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia. ”

The statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated Kenya’s view on the resolution of the Maritime Dispute, “Somalia Has to normalize its relations with Kenya Before it can difference on Any Platform Anywhere in the world with bodies that person and or agent of Kenya through bodies Proxy , “it added.

The ministry said the only way out was through bilateral talks between Kenya and Somalia, despite the two countries’ support for relations that have now been severed.

On the other hand, the dispute between East African countries relates to a resource-rich area of 62,000 square miles (160,580 square kilometers) in the Indian Ocean.


The disputed territory is believed to be rich in oil and gas and is one of East Africa’s richest fishing grounds, and has been disputed since the collapse of Somalia, 1991, there was no government and chaos became the home

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