Mogadishu(ANN) The Minister of Religious Affairs, H.E Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan held a meeting with Somali religious scholars on April 11, 2020, and discussed ways to accelerate efforts to combat Coronavirus/COVID-19. Religious scholars and the minister discussed the best ways to curb the spread of the pandemic in the country.

During the deliberations, the following was agreed that religious leaders to play a more active role in raising awareness about the deadly COVID-19 in the communities, To establish a committee to assist the most vulnerable people in the community, especially those whose livelihoods will be most affected by the spread of the Coronavirus as we are approaching the holy month of Ramadan. They also agreed to establish a committee made up of government officials, health experts, and religious leaders who will decide on mosque closures based on evidence.

Once again, minister and religious leaders call on the business community across the country not to raise the cost of basic commodities, religious leaders to raise awareness, and all relevant government agencies to take appropriate actions. The meeting was also attended by ministry officials, representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, Somali clerics, medical doctors, and security agencies.
—END— Communications and media department
Mogadishu, Somalia