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Mogadishu (ANN)-Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble commended Parliament for anonimously endorsing the newly formed cabinet and the government’s priority programs with emphasis on national elections, improving security and justice, good governance and the improvement of public service.


The Prime Minister stated that his government will work closely with Federal Member States and will seek public support to make sure security is improved for the smooth implementation of the national election in 2020/2021. He further noted that the Government, whose mandate includes guaranteeing safe and secure electoral process as agreed during the National Consultation Conference last month in Mogadishu, will work with Member States to ensure this is achieved.


“The Federal Government’s close cooperation and coordination with the Federal Member States will review the National Security Plan. The implementation of the security plan presents new apportunity to the public and government institutions, including the security agencies towards the realization of safe, secure and stable Somalia”. observed H.E. Prime Minister Roble.


The Prime Minister was pleased with Parliament’s unanimous vote of confidence in his new cabinet, and expressed commitment to accomplish his Government’s mandate within the limited timelines at its disposal.