By. Arraale M Jaama –Araweelo News Network


Somalia, Galmudug (ANN)-The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, in Dhusamareb, held a close-door meeting with the President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe), appears to end the conflict over Ahmed Madobe’s Jubbaland election victory, which the federal government rejected.

The meeting came as leaders of Somalia’s regional administrations convened for the second phase of the conference, calling for the participation of federal government officials, and was responded to by President Farmajo, Prime Minister Khaire, and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Gulled (Khadar), as well as the deputy speaker of parliament and the chairman of the Electoral Commission, although the speaker said he did not represent them at the meeting and did not accept the outcome.


There was no immediate word on the meeting between President Farmajo and Ahmed Madobe, but Jubbaland presidential information director Mohamed Ahmed Sabriye said in a statement posted on his Facebook page that today’s meeting was a little talked about.

He noted that today’s meeting was a greeting and that direct talks should be held to resolve the long-running dispute between the Federal Government and the Jubbaland regional administration.

The rift between the two sides erupted when Ahmed Madobe was elected president of the Jubbaland State in August last year, with the failure of President Farmajo’s government’s plan to oust Ahmed Madobe, and the Federal Government has since made it clear not accepting the election results.

But finally in mid-June 2020, the Somali Federal Government said it had recognized Ahmed Madobe for a two-year term as interim President of Jubbaland, which Ahmed Madobe criticized.



The Federal government has succeeded in ousting other regional administration leaders from the political arena, with the exception of Ahmed Madobe, the most powerful man in the regional administrations who opposes the federal government. That is why President Farmajo took the opportunity to meet with Ahmed Madobe.


The leaders of the regional administrations and the leaders of the federal government are expected to discuss tomorrow the conference on how to hold elections, or what to do about the end of the government’s term.The conference which will reopen in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug region.

President Farmajo’s government has failed to bring peace to Somalia with one-person, one-vote elections, which is why regional administrations have convened a conference in Dhusamareb, although the outcome is unknown.

Opposition groups accuse Farmajo’s government of ending its term in political turmoil and fueling conflict in Somalia.