Djibouti(ANN)- The talks between Somaliland and Somalia in Djibouti collapsed after talks on technical issues between the two sides were resolved.

Somaliland’s Minister for Livestock Development, Said Sulub, a delegation of the President of the Republic of Somaliland and a member of Somaliland’s technical committee, confirmed that the two-way conference in Djibouti was disrupted.

“We have been separated for seven PM nights, and the main issues we have rejected on are the words” politicians in Mogadishu come to Hargeisa, and those in Hargeisa go to Mogadishu “and other aid issues they want to politicize, so we will return at home. ” said Sulub, who spoke tonight on BulshoTV.


Minister Said Sulub also said that there were no clear statements on the part of Somalia that appeared unprepared, and he was once asked if they would return and that talks failed. Looking back, he said, “Currently Djibouti mediator Ismail Omar Guelleh is in the mediation room, and we are waiting for their final decision on their response.

When asked about the first day of talks in Djibouti, by Speaker of the House of Somaliland Elders Suleyman Mohamud Adan, said the talks had collapsed. He was from the party we were talking to, so he was looking at the situation and it was as he predicted, and then Speaker Suleyman was a fact. Somaliland’s Minister for Livestock Development he said.