LasAnod (ANN)-The government of the Republic of Somaliland has spoken about the war that took place today in LasAnod, which according to the reports resulted in casualties on both sides, and the war has resumed with the delegations of Saladin pouring into the Yagoori area on the outskirts of LasAnod.



The government of the Republic of Somaliland reiterates the call for the ceasefire and asks that the Peace Mission who arre currently in the Sool Region and be respected and unharmed, said a press release issued today by the Ministry of Somaliland Affairs.

“This morning, in an act that directly violated the implementation of the ceasefire, armed groups launched a serious attack on the seat of the National Army of the Republic of Somaliland in Las Anod. The National Army of the Republic of Somaliland insisted that the ceasefire was implemented and that they did not attack, but they defended themselves against the attack.” said a press release.

“The government of the Republic of Somaliland, considering the ceasefire announced, has sent a peace delegation to the Sool region, which includes the traditional leaders of Somaliland, and we are hopeful that a decision will be made regarding the conflict in the city of Lasanood,” added the press release.


However, the press release did not mention the casualties caused by the fighting that resumed today in Las Anod.and there is no news from the other side so far.