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. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. By Mohamed Ghalib Musa.

Hargeisa(ANN)The Denial of the government of Somaliland on the big gap between the society and the corruptions that has increased steadily is the responsibility of Kulmiyethe current ruling party and under the watchful eye of President Silanyo.

Silanyo is indeed a mastermind of many things including the establishment of the Kulmiye party and also in general effected big part of Somaliland policy for last six years in-Internal and external matters. Somaliland is divided into tribal line nepotism and favoritism that is introduced to the society in a much wider scale.

A reliable source told Somaliland Net that President Silanyo and his closest advisers are the masterminds behind the feud between Faysal Ali Warabe and Jamal Ali Hussein of UCID Party.

The idea is if UCID party collapsed and is no more functioning as whole party then Kulmiye’s Party will step in and gain much need current UCID party supporters and may be win the upcoming election as Col Bihi the President. That is the rule of divide and conquer algorithm, it’s a good strategy but will not work.

The other issue that need to be examined is how to determine if the upcoming election will be fraud free election, the ministry of interior employees have access to voter registration database with co-operations with National Electoral Commission of Somaliland employees. How reliablethis will be?

The BVR system that is currently in use is not free of Fraud or a temper proof system, it’s have been reported that in Sanaag region the BVR system could not work due to lack of Network Access in many areas in Sanaag region and many other issues with system shutting down without warring so we don’t known the accuracy of voter registrations success will be. On the NEC website there is not much information regarding this issue or difficulties of the BVR system.